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Season 2, Episode 10
Air date August 7, 2012
U.S. Viewers 447.000
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Actability is the tenth episode for Season Two of The Glee Project. Dianna Agron is the guest mentor for this episode.

Guest Mentor: Dianna Agron
Homework Assignment Winner: Michael
Eliminated: Michael and Lily Mae


The episode begins with Michael and Aylin discussing how crazy it is that there's only a week left until the finale. Robert enters to talk about how you need to be a triple threat to be on Glee: singing, dancing, and acting. The week's theme will be Actability. The song for the homework assignment will be Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer. Michael is happy because he is the only contender who's familiar with the song. Each of the contenders will have a verse to sing. Ali notes that the theme is essential to the competition, because if you can't act you can't be on Glee. Lily and Blake are also eager to compete in acting. Michael's worried about Blake's acting ability possibly outshining his own.

In the choir room, Dianna Agron arrives as guest mentor, to the guys surprise. Blake says she is really pretty. Dianna's secret to staying in character while singing is to react with the other people in the scene. Robert announces they will have to sing their verse acting a feeling that comes up on a card. Michael's is Determined. Lily's is Scared. Blake's is Angry. Aylin's is Anxious. Ali's is Excited. Dianna gives positive feedback to Blake and Michael for being "fantastic," Aylin for being "really great," and Ali for being "perfect," and "a ball of light." To Lily she has critical feedback, telling her to go bigger. Her choice for homework assignment winner is between Michael and Ali, and she chooses Michael. The music video will be a movie trailer for a movie called Perfect, with Pink's Perfect as a backdrop. Aylin will be a conservative Muslim girl who is seeing the school quarterback behind her parents' back and is pregnant. Blake will be the quarterback, who is really not a nice person. Michael is also on the football team, and he has fallen for Aylin. Ali is Michael's sister who used to be an Olympic hopeful runner, but who now is in a wheelchair. Lily Mae caused the accident.

In the vocal booth, Michael is told to tell more of a story. Aylin is told to infuse hers with more of the feeling from Blake getting her pregnant and her being on her own. Blake is too sharp. Ali gets very positive remarks, as she "pushed it like an actor." Lily sings well and says, through tears, that she feels this song because she looks at herself and feels positive about her looks, but it's hard to remain confident.

On the shoot, they are looking to see if they have developed their characters and their improv skills. Lily and Ali are working into putting the line "You were Perfect" into their scene. Lily is incredible, but has trouble getting into her line and Lily is making it all about her, leaving Ali out. Blake gets the opportunity to play a bad guy -- "Darth Blake." The mentors agree he is like a different person and is a "great actor." They didn't even recognize him. Michael feels he needs to "beat Blake." We cut to his session with Dianna. In the fight scene, Blake is so present from the moment he starts rehearsing, but they give credit to Michael, too. Aylin's scene is that she is a conservative Muslim whose parents are taking her away in the car, and Michael's running after her. Putting on the head scarf is hard for her because she has broken away from the Muslim side of her upbringing. It makes her very emotional, which she uses in the scene. Robert is really proud and thinks the video will be fantastic. Picking the bottom three will be extremely difficult, because the two they save go straight to the finale. The video trailer for Perfect is then shown.

In the reveal of the bottom three, the mentors note how meaningful it has been to them to work with them, including Nikki saying she sees qualities in them that she sees qualities in all of them she'd like for her children to have. They will all five be performing for the entire writing team of Glee. Lily will sing Son Of A Preacher Man, Michael will sing Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Ali will sing Here's To Us, Blake will sing I'm Still Standing, and Aylin will sing Fighter. The writers have seen the videos and heard some stories about them.

Michael is first, singing Girls Just Want To Have Fun, made famous by Cyndi Lauper. He's singing the slow version Cory sang in the show. The writers feel he's natural and unaffected. Ryan says he thinks girls will like him because he's a sweetheart.

Second is Lily Mae with Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. After she sings, Ian says she's interesting to write for and complex—poised and cute. He does wonder if she is cloying and hard to direct. They note that she gets in the bottom three for that reason.

Third is Ali. Ryan worries that Ali didn't perform well enough in the trailer, and while the mentors explain it's because Lily made the scene about her, Ryan is still concerned. She does a rousing version Here's To Us by Halestorm that leaves everyone clapping. Ian sees her as a bitchy, promiscuous character.

Blake comes fourth with I'm Still Standing by Elton John. Matthew Hodgson thinks he's a star, but Ali Adler worries she doesn't see his wound.

Finally, Aylin does Fighter by Christina Aguilera. The writers think America's curious about Muslim culture, and that she's something new. Ryan says it's fresh.

The writers talk about the strengths of each of the candidates, and they decide whether they have to pick a star or do something different. They decide to pick a star and eliminate two people.

In the end, they approach the list one at a time, and Lily and Michael are eliminated. Their Keep Holding On is combined, but not done together.



  • This episode marks the fourth new theme, the first one being Adaptability, the second Fearlessness, and the third Romanticality.
  • Blake and Michael say "Coach says, 'Once a panther, always a panther'." This is a reference to Coach Beiste on Glee, who in the episode "Audition" always referred to herself in the third person as "the Panther."
  • Some of the scenes the contestants needed to act out were based on events that happened in Glee.
  • This is the first episode in the series to have a double elimination.
  • This is the first episode this season to have the homework assignment winner go home.
  • Michael marks this season for a first with everyone left in the top five winning a homework assignment.
  •  With Michael winning the homework assignment, that marks a first where the top nine have all won a homework assignment (Charlie, Nellie, Abraham, Shanna, Michael, Lily, Ali, Blake and Aylin).
  • This episode has most songs in Season Two, and the second most songs overall, with a total of 8. The highest number was in the episode Pairability, which featured 9 songs.

Call Back List

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Aylin Charlie
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  • The version of the Last Chance Performance that Ali does in the supertease includes her head microphone, but, however in this episode she is carrying a hand microphone.
  • Ali's character was supposed to be a runner, but in 1:16 of the music video, the medal she's holding (presumably hers) is clearly a diving medal.




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