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Season 2, Episode 5
Air date July 3rd, 2012
U.S. Viewers 495.000
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Adaptability is the fifth episode for Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show. It aired on Oxygen July 3 at 10:00pm.

Guest Mentor: Kevin McHale
Homework Assignment Winner: Aylin
Eliminated: Mario


At the beginning of the week, Aylin and Charlie are in a room with sinks (probably a bathroom) and decide to set ground rules and remain just friends, with no kissing or cuddling, and they vow to concentrate on kicking each other's butts every week. Charlie says in confessional that he couldn't be happier with this "new friendship." Next, they learn that this week will be Adaptability. Robert tells them that on Glee there are frequent last-minute changes to which the actors have to adapt. Mario feels he'll be particularly good at this because his whole life is adaptability on a day-to-day basis. The Homework Assignment will be You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, but this week they won't get to choose their own parts to sing. Robert hands out envelopes with the parts at random. Charlie's happy with this, but Lily Mae prefers to have some control over her part.

This week's mentor is Kevin McHale (Artie). Ali is particularly happy because she always watches Artie to see if Kevin cheats by using his legs, and she finds that he doesn't. Kevin announces that as part of Adaptability week they will each have to perform the song as a solo, instead of a group number. While her face doesn't reveal this, Shanna does not think she has the words memorized, and during the performance she makes up a few lines ("And I don't know the line but I'm gonna keep singing, yeah"). After the performance, Kevin praises Aylin overall for both acting and singing the song, Charlie for adapting the lyrics to a song sung by a man to a woman, Ali for being such a sweet person and acting so fierce while performing, Shanna for keeping on despite forgetting many of the words, and Michael for making an acting choice and sticking with it. He chooses Aylin as the homework winner. Kevin announces that this week the contenders will not know what song they're singing until they get to the choir room.

In the recording studio they are all told that the song will be Jessie J's Price Tag. Some contenders know and love the song (Aylin and Ali), and others do not recognize the song and only know the title (Blake and Shanna). Michael feels this is a good chance for him to get out of his head. Vocals go extremely well for Michael, Aylin, Blake, and Shanna. They are a struggle for Abraham, who has trouble with pitch and not carrying his breath through the line.

As another part of Adaptability week, the contenders aren't taught choreography in advance. They are told that the concept of the video will be that there are mean rich kids and poor kids who are having fun. The poor kids slowly get the mean rich kids to join them, except for one hold-out, who will be Aylin. In the end, the hold out will break down and join them. During the video shoot, Charlie makes the choice to play a character and gives his character a name, Scott Campbell. He continues to be in character, even when they are not filming. The mentors think he is so much in his character that he is like the only one in the video (not in a good way). Nellie is the opposite, as she tends to blend into the crowd scenes and not to stick out at all. Blake has a little trouble with letting go of wanting more practice time. Aylin's acting is praised highly. Michael's also doing fine at getting out of his head now that he doesn't have time to practice. Mario seems to struggle the most, as Erik can't figure out how to get him to act his part, although Mario contends that he knows he's an excellent actor.

When the contenders are called together for the reveal of the bottom three, the mentors first tell Aylin that she did the best in this week, not only in the homework assignment, but consistently throughout the week in singing and acting in the music video. Others who receive high marks are Shanna, Lily Mae, Michael.

The lower contenders for whom they have notes are Blake, Ali, Charlie, Mario, Nellie, and Abraham. Blake had trouble loosening up and being adaptable in the situation; Ali had trouble acting too "big" and needs to tone it down (same as in previous weeks); Charlie has trouble blending in group performances; Nellie is the opposite and has trouble not blending in and fading away when she's not singing; Mario can't seem to act; and Abraham had troubles with pitch and singing the words. As a final part of Adaptability week, they will all six do duets, instead of the mentors choosing a bottom three. Ali and Abraham will do Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, Mario and Charlie will do Elton John and George Michael's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, and Nellie and Blake will do Foreigner's Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You. Charlie and Mario are concerned about working together because they both have strong, independent personalities. Mario is most concerned that he will have trouble because Charlie rarely sings the original melody of a song, and he's worried this will throw him off. Nellie and Blake are happy that they are eachothers duet partner.

The first duet is Nellie and Blake performing Waiting for a Girl Like You, which they name as "Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You." Ryan says they did very well, but if they return they need to ramp it up just a little. He notes that Blake has something special, and adds that Nellie does as well.

The second duet is Ali and Abraham singing Last Friday Night. When they walk on the stage, Ryan says how pretty "you" look, and after Ali thanks him for the compliment, Abraham also thanks him and jokes that he knows that Ryan meant him as well. Ryan is not happy with Abraham's performance, as he seems to have trouble singing the words and is out-performed by Ali. He's very pleased with Ali, and he feels he saw a side of her he hadn't previously seen. He calls her a "little, funny Dolly Parton." Ryan says that he is fascinated by Abraham, and he loves Ali's sexpot thing.

The third duet is Mario and Charlie with Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Ryan doesn't really have issues with the performance, and thinks that the way they performed it together was sweet, but he has lingering concerns about both Charlie and Mario.

In the end, Ryan announces that the bottom three are Abraham, Mario, and Charlie. In private discussion with the mentors, he notes that they are all really talented. While Abraham gave the worst performance, he thinks there's something about Abraham that's very interesting. He worries about whether Charlie can be a professional or not. Finally, he knows that Mario has a wonderful voice, but he doesn't seem to have the acting skills.

When the contenders are called out to read the names, Mario is the one who has been eliminated. At this point, he seems to be very accepting of that, and he tells the other contenders, smiling, that he has learned and grown so much and really appreciates the opportunity he's had. He then sings Keep Holding On.



  • This episode marks the first time a guest mentor appears and mentors in two seasons.
  • This is the first episode with a theme that was not used in the previous season.
  • As of this episode, Shanna is the only one not to do a LCP, Taryn excepted.
  • This is the fourth time that the main assignment is filmed in a public place, not a stage set, with the first time being Mad World, second time being Raise Your Glass, and the third time being The Edge of Glory, and the second music video shot at Universal CityWalk, after the aforementioned "Mad World."
  • This is the second time the contenders had to do duets as last chance performances, the first time being Pairability.
  • The last chance performances are executed very similarly in Pairability in which two pairs made up of a boy and girl sing songs that have been covered on Glee before and one pair of boys sing a song that wasn't sung on Glee before.

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