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Alex-Hannah Relationship
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Nickname Alannah
Status Friends

The Alex-Hannah Relationship is the relationship between Hannah McIalwain and Alex Newell. They are often referred to as Alannah and Halex.

Episodes With[]


  • In the bonus video where Hannah and Cameron talk about dancing, Alex is lying on the bed with Hannah with his head on top of her leg.


  • In the Bonus Video: Hannah Has Stinky Feet, Alex and Hannah joke around and try to freak out Cameron by threatening to wipe Hannah's feet on his pillow.


  • They were partners for Nowadays.
  • In the Bonus Video: Stage Fighting, Hannah says Lindsay and Alex's fight was "awesome!"
  • They sung Valerie together for a Last Chance Performance.
  • In the bonus video where they are waiting from the bottom 3 to return, Hannah is crying because she is worried about who will be out and says "I love Alex so much..."


  • In Tenacity, they both agreed 'fat kids can't do floor work'.


  • Hannah had to pretend to be in love with Alex in The Only Exception.


  • Alex said that he leaned on Hannah and after she was eliminated he didn't know who to lean on.


  • In her Casting Special blog, Hannah wrote "When I first met Alex, I thought this guy is really talented and he knows it."
  • In her Theatricality blog, Hannah wroted that "I was disappointed when I didn’t win the homework assignment because I wanted that one-on-one time with Idina more than anything! But I thought Alex did an amazing job and he deserved to win."
  • In her Dance-ability blog, Hannah wrote "When Alex took over the dance class I thought "Thank you, God!" I need all the help I can get... but seriously. It was nice of him to help others because he could have just focused on himself. It really felt like a Glee club this week."
  • In her Pairability blog, Hannah wrote " it was very calming knowing that I would be singing with Alex. Even though he is a much more seasoned singer then I am, I knew that we would work well together and would give Ryan a great performance" and "Getting to sing "Valerie" with Alex was probably the most fun I have ever had performing. I was SO nervous about meeting Ryan but the minute Alex and I started singing, everything just kind of melted away and I had a total blast! I think they chose "Valerie" for us because it is upbeat and fun but still has lots of sass, which is exactly what Alex and I are all about" and " Alex is such a strong performer and for Ryan to choose me over him was mind blowing. It was hard seeing Alex in the bottom three again."
  • In his Pairability blog, Alex wrote that "Working with Hannah on “Nowadays” was epic. I don’t know why they chose that song for us, but I loved working on it with her" and "Singing “Valerie” with Hannah was fun. I had never heard of the song before, but Hannah taught it to me in no time, and we had a blast."
  • Hannah tweeted an Instagram photo of the two of them captioned "Me and my love" on June 5, 2012.
  • Hannah tweeted "Werk that toga hunnie after a shower towels are for fools!!! @ANew92" on June 25, 201
  • Hannah tweeted "Date night with ANew29!" on June 27, 2012.
  • Alex tweeted "I think @hannahmcialwain is the best thing since like sliced bread" on June 28, 2012.
  • Hannah tweeted that they went to go see Magic Mike together on Jun 29, 2012.
  • Hannah tweeted that she and Alex had a sleepover and prank-called Abraham together on August 12, 2012.
  • They did a BlogTV video together, where Hannah calls themselves real friends.
  • Hannah tweeted "For all of you people who are talking ish about @ANew92, just stop because you look stupid. Please and thank you."
  • Hannah tweeted "Since its officially @ANew92's birthday somewhere in America, I guess I better wish him a happy birthday. Love you booboo face!!!" and "Once again, happy birthday to my partner in crime and the best friend a ginger could ask for @ANew92!!!"
    • She also planned his surprise party.
  • Hannah tweeted "Watching The Odd Life of Timothy Green with @ANew92 I think it's gonna be pretty good :)"
  • Hannah tweeted "No matter how long I live in Los Angeles, earthquakes will never get any less scary. Thankfully I've got @ANew92 with me :)"
  • Hannah tweeted "So excited to see my boo @ANew92 on Glee tonight!! You better work :)"
  • Hannah tweeted ""Unique's eyes... THEY ARE ON FIRE!!!" haha Love you @ANew92 Amazing!"
  • Hannah tweeted "Having a nice relaxing day with @ANew92 Waiting anxiously for @MarissavonB_TGP to arrive!"
  • When someone tweeted "Ugh, Unique [Alex's character on Glee] is such a flop #HaveASeat #Glee," Hannah tweeted them "@GreggyBennett I beg to differ. And if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Didn't your mom teach you that?"
  • Someone tweeted “@christopherorne: @ANew92 was amazing tonight on Glee! Stole the show! #Uniqueforprez” and Hannah retweeted it, adding "Team Unique for life!!!"
  • They both tweeted about going to see "Finding Nemo" in 3D together.
  • Hannah tweeted "@oran93 Well... Got out of the movie around 2:30 and I have to be up at 5 to take @ANew92 to the airport. So I figure, why sleep now? Haha."
  • Hannah tweeted "@ANew92 I love that I had to stalk your tweets to make sure you made it home safe!" and Alex tweeted back "@hannahmcialwain i texted you as soon as i landed!!"
  • Alex tweeted a baby picture of himself dressed like pumpkin and Hannah tweeted "@ANew92 hahaha This is amazing! I totally wore that same costume, but I was like 12... Haha."
  • Alex tweeted "My best frannnnn is picking me up at the airport!!! @hannahmcialwain."
  • Hannah Instagrammed a picture of herself wearing red lipstick and said she borrowed it from Alex.
  • Alex tweeted "Lost my keys but @hannahmcialwain is coming to save the day!!!"