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Alex-Marissa Relationship
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Nickname Alissa
Status Close Friends

The Alex-Marissa Relationship is the relationship between Marissa von Bleicken and Alex Newell. They are often referred to as Alissa and Maralex

Episodes With[]

Theatricality (Season 1)[]


  • Marissa decides to be brave and change her board when she sees how brave Alex is being during his moment on the shoot.
  • In the Bonus Video: Hannah Has Stinky Feet, they are lying on Cameron's bed together.


  • When Alex and Matheus are having their high-note duel and Matheus says he's trying to be more confident, Marissa adds, "Confident, not cocky" and Alex makes an "Ooh!" noise and points to Matheus like he agrees.
  • In the Bonus Video: Play Fighting, Marissa and Alex are lying on the same bed together.



  • In her Theatricality blog, Marissa writes that although she wished she could have won the HW, "no one but Alex could have won that assignment and have been worthy enough to meet with Idina!"
  • In her Dance-ability (Season 1) blog, Marissa writes that "I was perfectly fine with Alex taking control of the dance class. He is one of the most experienced dancers in the competition as well, and he has the type of "take-the-lead" personality that is much more endearing and humorous than bossy or annoying, so I think he was the perfect candidate to keep us together."
  • In her "Tenacity" blog,Marissa called Alex's voice "unearthly."
  • In his Tenacity (Season 1) blog, Alex wrote "But it hurt when Marissa was eliminated. I love her and I know that she just had a rough night. She's was the third angle in Charlie's Angels; Emily, Marissa, and I."
  • Marissa wrote in her Finale blog that "Since Alex was one of my closest friends there, I was extremely proud of how far he'd gotten. I also respected the fact that he and Damian really had to fight to get to the finals, as they'd been in the bottom so many times throughout the competition."
  • A fan tweeted her asking who she was rooting for to win and she replied "@_Lana_JB Alex! I'm his booboo face."
  • Marissa tweeted "With ANew92 ahhhh!!!!" and "i'm not tweeting soo i have @ANew92 tweeting for me cuz im doing my make-up!!!" (about getting ready for the GLAAD awards.)
  • Marissa tweeted "I worry for Cameron since he's always been down there, but I'm not so worried about Alex." (about Pairability LCPS.)
  • Marissa tweeted "At ihop with the great @ANew92 about to stuff our faces!!!! XD"
  • Alex tweeted "I love @MarissavonB_TGP yay!!!!"
  • Marissa tweeted "Had an amazing time at the Glee [Season 4] Premiere with @ANew92 tonight ! Red carpet pics to come :)"