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Alex-Samuel Relationship
Nickname Alamuel
Intimacy Level Paired up during the Teenage Dream music video
Status Friends

The Alex-Samuel Relationship is the relationship between Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell. They are on the show referred to as Alamuel.



  • When Matheus is nervous about pretending to be in love with Alex for Pair-ability, Samuel tells him to be gay for a day.
  • In the bonus video where they are waiting for the bottom three, Sam says that he is certain Alex won't be going home and it's between Matheus and Cameron.
  • In a bonus video where they are discussing their portmanteaux (couple nicknames), Sam comes up with his and Alex's: Alamuel.

Sexuality (Season 1)[]

  • They were partners for Teenage Dream.
  • Alex says he would have picked Samuel for his partner no matter what.
  • The mentors say Samuel acts very believable in the video.
  • Samuel stated in the vocal booth in Sexuality that there might be some holdage and kissage in the video.

Glee-ality (Season 1)[]

  • When Alex finds out he won a part on Glee, Samuel hugs him and calls him Booboo face.


  • They celebrated their birthdays together.
  • Samuel wrote in his Sexuality blog "Shooting “Teenage Dream” was awesome. Alex is an amazing singer and performer, and he was really fun and respectful to work with."
  • Alex wrote in his Sexuality blog "Sam was a great partner it was fun to get to work with him on “Teenage Dream”. Even though he’s straight, I thought he did a great job playing gay."
  • Alex wrote in his Glee-ality blog "When Ryan announced that Sam had won, I was happy for him. He wanted this more than anything in his life and anyone with that much passion deserves to get what they want."
  • When asked who in the top four is his biggest competition, Samuel said something about each contender, but he mentioned Alex first, saying "If you just look at it on the surface, I would say Alex because who has heard a voice like that ever?" Source
  • Alex said in an interview that Samuel is like his brother and "Samuel's someone that I can confide in and someone that I can talk to."