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Animal 7.jpg
By Neon Trees
Sung by Samuel Larsen
Episode Believability
Called Back Yes

Animal by Neon Trees is a last chance performance sung by Samuel in the eighth episode of the first season of The Glee Project, Believability. This was Samuel's first last chance performance. After the performance, Ryan said he thinks Samuel is the most unrelatable, because he doesn't seem like he is an underdog. This performance saved Samuel from elimination for a further week.


Here we go again
I kinda wanna be more than friends
So take it easy on me
I’m afraid you’re never satisified.
Here we go again
We’re sick like animals
We play pretend
You’re just a canible
And I’m afraid I wont get out alive
No I won’t sleep tonight.

Oh, oh I want some more

Oh, oh What are you waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight.
Oh oh I want some more
Oh oh What are we waitin' for?

What are we waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight.


  • This song was performed by The Warblers on Glee's Season Two episode "Sexy".
  • Samuel sang the song barefoot.
  • After the performance, he said 'Thank you' in a British accent.




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