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Blake-Aylin Relationship
Nickname Baylin
Intimacy Level Kissed
Status Friends

The Blake-Aylin Relationship is a relationship between Blake Jenner and Aylin Bayramoglu. They are known as Blaylin and Bylin. To share your love for Bylin go to The Bylin Team

Episodes With[]

Individuality (Season 2)[]

  • After her Last Chance Performance, Ryan Murphy asked Aylin who she liked on the show, to which she said Blake.

Dance-ability (Season 2)[]

  • They kissed for an unnecessarily long time in Party Rock Anthem.
  • They are seen cuddling when Abraham throws popcorn on them.
  • During We Got The Beat, Aylin grabs Blake's hand and they run towards the corner of the room.

Vulnerability (Season 2)[]

  • When Blake breaks down remembering his experiences with bullying, Aylin comforts him.

Sexuality (Season 2)[]


  • When Aylin's character comes over to sing with the group during Price Tag, Blake puts his hand on her shoulder.


  • When Blake wins the HWA, you can hear Aylin say "Yay, Blakey!" (right after Darren Criss says "It was really nice.")
  • When the bottom three are getting their LCP songs, Aylin is holding Blake's arm.


  • They are boyfriend and girlfriend in the music video, Perfect.
  • While rehearsing Addicted To Love they seem to be in a pair, with Lily and Michael in another pair and Ali as a standout (the choreography they perform later is much different because of the added challenge).
  • They hug later in the episode.
  • In the bonus video, they act out some improv scenes together and at one point she leans her head against his shoulder because she's laughing so hard.
  • They were holding hands at the dressing room

Glee-ality (Season 2)[]

  • They sing/dance together during Ali's solo in You Can't Stop The Beat.
  • They sit on a bed together while talking with Ali about the last challenge.
  • Blake kisses Aylin's temple and hugs her after he is declared the winner.


  • In the One-on-One session between Blake and Aylin, they seem to be flirting with each other.


  • Aylin wrote in her Dance-ability (Season 2) blog "I’m not really sure what my mom is going to think about my kiss with Blake during spin the bottle. It was for a scene and we were both acting. Granted, it was a very fun scene to shoot! Blake and I are great friends at the end of the day."
  • Blake wrote in his Dance-ability (Season 2) blog "I was surprised by the kiss with Aylin during the spin the bottle scene. I don't think either of us expected it to become what it did. It definitely opened us to the scene a lot more. I had NO idea Charlie liked Aylin before we shot this scene!"
  • Aylin tweeted multiple pictures if Blake posing like Spiderman.
  • Aylin tweeted a picture of them riding in a limo together.
  • Aylin tweeted a picture of Blake sleeping on her shoulder while they were on an airplane together.
  • Blake tweeted "Aylin was definitely brave for facing her fears and being able to put herself into the scene." about her scene in Perfect.
  • Blake tweeted "Here we go, Aylin!!!!" about her Actability LCP.
  • Aylin tweeted "On my way to LAX! @Blake_Jenner better be waiting there for me with some coffee and a bagel..."
  • Aylin said in an interview "Blake has been very consistent throughout the entire competition. He's such a strong competitor. I know why they chose him to win. Blake is such a sweet person. I couldn't even be mad or envious that he won. I love him so much!"
  • Aylin said in her Glee-ality (Season 2) blog that "I am so unbelievably happy for Blake. He deserves it all!! He is such a genuine, kind and loving person and truly has become one of my best friends. I wanted this more than anything, but, I can't help but be excited and happy for Blake. I will support him through it all and I know he is going to rock it on Glee! =)"
  • Aylin said in a TvLine interview (about being in the bottom with Blake and Shanna) that "When I found out the Bottom 3, I was like, “I’m going home. Blake is amazing, Blake is Blake, they’re not sending him home" and that "I can’t even be upset [about not winning], because I love Blake so much. He is just an incredible person. Of course I would have wanted it for myself, but I’m very, very proud of him. He’s come a long way."
  • In the Behind-the-Scenes Photoshoot video, Aylin and Blake are joking around in wardrobe together. Source
  • Aylin tweeted a picture of her and Blake and captioned it "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Blake_Jenner!! I love you more than life."
  • Aylin tweeted "@Blake_Jenner can i see baby Milli soon?! i miss that little girl! and i kinda miss you too. =)"
  • Blake tweeted about his first day on the Glee set and Aylin tweeted back "@Blake_Jenner ahhh!! So excited for you! =)"
  • Aylin tweeted "that amazing moment when u see 1 of ur best friends on a promo for glee... I'm still in shock and so excited to see @Blake_Jenner nxt week!!"

Episodes Against[]

Dance-ability (Season 2)[]

Sexuality (Season 2)[]

  • They are seen with different people in the music video.


  • Blake is paired with Ali in the homework assignment, More Than Words and the Music Video, We Found Love.
  • Aylin is paired with Lily in the homework assignment, and she's paired with Shanna in the music video.


  • Aylin and Michael kiss in the music video.


  • Charlie and Aylin are dating.
  • Blake is married to his Glee co-star Melissa Benoist.