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Blake-Michael Relationship
Nickname Blichael
Peanut Butter Brothers
Ironic Brothers
Intimacy Level None
Status Best Friends

The Blake-Michael Relationship is the friendship/bromance of Blake Jenner and Michael Weisman. They are often referred to as Blichael or Make or the Peanut Butter Brothers.

Episodes With[]

Dance-ability (Season 2)[]

  • Blake and Michael were paired up in a group to do their dance together for the music video.
  • Zach refers to them as the peanut butter brothers.
  • Blake eats some snacks off of Michael's body as they finished the video shoot.
  • They sit together watching the other groups practice choreography. Photo
  • They sit on the couch together for part of Party Rock Anthem. Photo

Vulnerability (Season 2)[]

  • Blake and Michael are seen bullying Nellie and then Charlie.
  • Blake and Michael feed off each other's energy during the shoot (when Blake is bullying Michael), showing they trust each other and work well together.


  • Blake and Michael play basketball wearing only their boxers. gif
  • They wear matching swim caps in the music video.

Theatricality (Season 2)[]

  • Blake and Michael are talking to each other in the beginning of the episode. They talk about people who are trying to compare them. They both also state they are best friends on the show.


  • Blake and Michael only mess up on their portion of the shoot (Blake tossing Michael the basketball) the first couple of times they try it; getting it perfectly every time after. This shows that they are very in tune and work well together.
  • They high-five after nailing their portion of the shoot together. gif
  • They do a unique handshake together.
  • They kneel next to each other when building the pyramid.
  • After this episode, they are officially the only two left to room in the boy's dorm together.


  • Blake sits next to Michael on the couch.
  • In one of the bonus videos, Michael and Blake open up to each other about what they are nervous/confident about concerning the video and why.
  • They fist bump each other during HWA critique.


  • The two of them rock their scenes in the video and seem to get only positive feedback, showing they work well together.
  • After Erik yells cut, they high-five and Blake ruffles Michael's hair to get the pieces of hay out of it for him.
  • They high-five when told about the movie trailer concept. Gif
  • Blake and Michael share a long hug when the list is posted.
  • Michael says that "My first reaction when I heard 'Actability' was Blake."

Glee-ality (Season 2)[]

  • Blake hugs Michael when the eliminated contestants return.
  • In the bonus video (where the top 3 are saying goodbye to the eliminated contestants before the LCPs), after they hug Michael tells Blake he wants another one (which Blake gives) and says in confessional "I'm closest with Blake and I'm really rooting for him."
  • Blake has his arm around Michael during the group shot in Tonight Tonight.
  • Michael grooves along when Blake sings I'll Be.
  • Michael cries during Blake's poem.
  • Michael jumps in the air and starts crying when Blake wins.
  • Michael runs to hug Blake after it's announced he won the competition, yelling "YOU!"

Off Set[]

  • In his Dance-ability (Season 2) blog, Michael wrote "Blake and Aylin’s kiss was hot ‘n steamy. I can understand why Charlie was jealous" and "The one area of my performance in the music video I was pleased with was the peanut butter brothers’ dance solo. I really felt like I was connected to Blake and the music."
  • Michael tweeted "Some of my favorite moments on TGP: getting chips thrown all over me blasting party rock and my dance with @Blake_Jenner. #sosick"
  • Michael tweeted "I would sing "Jesse's Girl" with Blake all the time" and "I am definitely closest with Blake, he's my brotha" on Jun 19, 2012.
  • Blake and Michael hung out together when Michael came to visit.
  • Blake and Michael went to Six Flags with Abraham, Charlie, Shanna and Nellie.
  • Blake tweeted "So stoked to be hanging with @mfweisman and going to sky high to hit trampolines! Glad to reunite with my peanut butter brother!" and Michael tweeted back "@smores1024 @Blake_Jenner It was so awesome! I can't wait to go back."
  • They saw the Amazing Spider Man together.
  • Michael tweeted "Some well deserved pie after an intense episode. @Blake_Jenner and @nellielisabeth stole the show. So proud of them." with a picture of him and Blake.
  • Michael tweeted back to a fan "Thank you! Im honored to be compared to Blake but I agree, everyone is good in their own way."
  • In his "Vulnerability" blog, Blake wrote "On the set of the music video it definitely helped having Michael during my scene of being bullied. Given the fact that we were bullies for each other's scene, I think we both felt a sense of trust with one another."
  • After Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "I'm happy that Blake won the homework assignment. He did a great job and he deserved it."
  • After Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "I think Blake has been doing remarkably well considering he's never had any formal music training."
  • After Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "Blake did this song so well."
  • After Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "Even the potential of Blake leaving was hard for me to swallow."
  • After Actability aired, Blake tweeted "GO MICHAEL!" and "Bravo, Michael!"
  • In his exit interview with EW, Michael said "I was closest with Blake, of the three, so I was pulling for him [to win]."
  • In his "Actability" blog, Blake wrote "Michael had become like a brother to me. He was and will always be one of my best friends. We helped each other with advice and "Guy Talks" throughout the competition."
  • Michael tweeted "Live in 10! Cant wait to hear yous guyss questions! My faces during blakes lcp were ridiculous. I was so excited haha #peanutbutterbrother"
  • Lily tweeted "You know it's a bromance when they are comfortable massaging each other @Blake_Jenner @mfweisman #bromance" and then followed it up with "THIS IS THE TYPE OF MASSAGE I MEANT! #bromance @mfweisman @Blake_Jenner"
  • In an interview with Wet Paint about his and Michael's bromance, Blake said "Michael and I, we just immediately clicked, and I think that he’s one of my best friends, for sure. It was so great having him on The Glee Project, and we both went ‘til the end together. We were both with each other throughout the whole process, and I’m so thankful to have him because I think we kept each other entertained. Especially when it was just girls. Because when you’re a guy and you’re around a bunch of girls, you need another guy, you need another bro, and I was just so happy it was with him because he’s the most chill guy that you could ever meet. I had a lot of fun with him. We just played basketball outside and we’d work out together and we’d hang out together, we’d watch movies together, we’d do all that stuff. It was great to have some bro time, in the midst of all the girl stuff. We were like an endangered species, two guys," and "I talk to Michael about everything," and "I can’t wait for him to come out [to L.A] because we want to shoot is like funny YouTube videos. Maybe we’ll throw a cover in there, maybe we’ll sing with Aylin or something, but we really want to shoot some skits, like some weird, random skits. I can’t wait til he gets here so we can just have the time of our lives, just messing around and thinking up cool ideas for little videos. Fans should definitely be on the lookout for some covers and some skits from me and Michael."
  • Michael tweeted "Best wishes to @Blake_Jenner, my peanut butta brotha on his bday! #bethebat(man) ;)" and Blake tweeted back "@mfweisman Thanks peanut butter brother! You're the man!"

Episodes Against[]

Vulnerability (Season 2)[]

  • Michael is seen bullying Blake.
  • Blake is seen bullying Michael.
  • Blake is seen playing superheroes with Charlie.

Tenacity (Season 2)[]

  • Michael is compared to Blake.
  • Michael says he would do everything better than Blake would do.


  • Michael and Blake are seen fighting over Aylin in Perfect.


  • Michael said this: "Fun fact: I'm actually allergic to peanut butter #ironicbrothers"