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Cameron-Lindsay Relationship
Nickname Camsay
Intimacy Level Kissed during the Baby, It's Cold Outside music video as direction from the director
Status Friends

The Cameron-Lindsay Relationship is the relationship between Lindsay Pearce and Cameron Mitchell. They are often referred to as Camsay.

Episodes With[]

Vulnerability (Season 1)[]

  • They sit and watch the others film  the music video Mad World together.


  • Lindsay wanted to kiss Cameron when she was asked to.
  • They are partners in Baby, It's Cold Outside.
  • They were still friends after they kissed even though Cameron didn't want her to kiss him.
  • In a bonus video where the group is waiting for the bottom three, Lindsay says that Cameron deserves another chance and that it's "not fair" if he goes, and says "He's being so gracious about everything that's happening...I just don't get it. He is legitimately one of the best people I think I've ever met in my entire life, and I just don't get what Ryan doesn't see."
  • She tried to half kiss him during their duet last chance performance.

Sexuality (Season 1)[]

  • Lindsay and Cameron are paired together in the HWA.
  • Lindsay was upset when Cameron quit.
  • In a bonus video where the group are discussing portmanteaux, or couple nicknames, Lindsay says her and Cameron's would be Camsay and then repeats it three times, sounding very frustrated that no one (especially Cameron) is listening.


  • She is friends with Damian, Cameron's best friend from TGP.
  • In her "Pairability" blog, Lindsay wrote "Cameron is a very sweet guy, and a very giving partner. He is just like my brothers at home, so I easily connected with him. His voice fits so well in "Baby It's Cold Outside," and I think it was mainly chosen for him. That was fine with me because I wanted to be able to show a different, calmer side of my voice, so it was a very nice fit. What made me decide to kiss Cameron was the direction I was given. Had I known Cameron would have been nervous or uncomfortable, I would never have gone through with that direction. We both apologized to each other for not checking with each other about that sort of stuff before we got to set. I was shocked when the mentors told us that we were doing last chance performances in pairs, but it made sense, and I didn't want to go through something that scary alone. Cameron was very nice and kept me calm during the process. "River Deep, Mountain High" wasn't quite in Cameron’s range, and he told me he was wobbly when it came to harmony. I tried to make it more about Cameron's performance than my own because the song was a bit easier for me. It was also such a fun, happy song, and we both decided to just be silly and have fun with it. Cameron rocked it out! Honestly, when I found out I wasn’t in the bottom three it didn't feel good to safe, when my partner had to be in the bottom. Cameron, like I said, reminds me of my brother back home, and to walk off stage without him didn't seem fair."
  • In his "Pairability" blog, Cameron wrote " I was excited that I had the opportunity to work with Lindsay though, because she has one of the best voices on the show, and I knew she would take it seriously and work her butt off."



  • Cameron cried and called his mom when Lindsay kissed him in Baby, It's Cold Outside.
  • In Need You Now, Marissa knew Cameron wasn't comfortable with pretending to be in love with someone but Lindsay didn't know.
  • During their duet last chance performance, Cameron deflects Lindsay's kiss attempt.