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Last Chance Performances are sung solo by the bottom three contestants in front of a judging panel and occasional guest judges. The purpose of a last chance performance is to determine who will be sent home that week. Ryan Murphy makes the ultimate decision.

On two occasions during Pairability (Season 1) & Adaptability (Season 2), the LCPs were duets performed by 3 pairs of contestants (Contestants who were paired for the music videos for Pairability).

32 of the first season's 56 songs were Last Chance Performances.

A to Z of Performances[]

Below are all of the LCPs from both seasons listed alphabetically:

Song Title Episode Sung By Result
ABC Individuality (Season 2) Tyler Ford SAFE
Always On My Mind Individuality (Season 2)  Maxfield Camp OUT
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going Tenacity Alex Newell SAFE
Animal Believability Samuel Larsen SAFE
Are You Lonesome Tonight? Vulnerability Damian McGinty SAFE
Back to December Believability Hannah McIalwain OUT
Beyond the Sea Glee-ality Damian McGinty WON
Big Spender Individuality Ellis Wylie SAFE
Blackbird Sexuality Cameron Mitchell QUIT
Brick Tenacity (Season 2) Michael Weisman SAFE
Daniel Dance-ability (Season 2) Tyler Ford  SAFE
Danny Boy Sexuality Damian McGinty SAVED
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Adaptability  Charlie Lubeck SAFE
Mario Bonds OUT
Defying Gravity Generosity Lindsay Pearce SAFE
Down Dance-ability Matheus Fernandes SAFE
Fighter Actability Aylin Bayramoglu SAFE
Fix You Vulnerability (Season 2)  Charlie Lubeck SAFE
Gimme Gimme Glee-ality Lindsay Pearce R-U
Girls Just Want To Have Fun Actability Michael Weisman OUT
Gives You Hell Theatricality Matheus Fernandes SAFE
Grenade Vulnerability Emily Vasquez OUT
Hate on Me Tenacity Marissa von Bleicken OUT
Here's To Us Actability Ali Stroker SAFE
His Eye is on the Sparrow Generosity Alex Newell SAFE
I Am Changing Glee-ality Alex Newell R-U
I Get a Kick Out of You Sexuality (Season 2) Charlie Lubeck  SAFE
If I Were a Boy Fearlessness  Nellie Veitenheimer SAFE
I'll Be Glee-ality Blake Jenner WON
I'm Still Standing Actability Blake Jenner SAFE
I'm The Greatest Star Tenacity Lily Mae Harrington SAFE
I'm the Only One Theatricality Nellie Veitenheimer OUT
It's Not Unusual Fearlessness  Charlie Lubeck  OUT
I Will Always Love You Dance-ability Alex Newell SAFE
I Will Survive Sexuality Alex Newell SAFE
I've Gotta Be Me Generosity Damian McGinty SAFE
Jessie's Girl Individuality Damian McGinty SAFE
Jolene Glee-ality Samuel Larsen WON
Just the Way You Are Individuality Bryce Ross-Johnson OUT
Landslide Dance-ability (Season 2)  Dani Shay OUT
Last Friday Night Adaptability Abraham Lim SAFE
Ali Stroker SAFE
Last Name Dance-ability McKynleigh Abraham OUT
Losing My Religion Romanticality Blake Jenner SAFE
Love Can Wait Tenacity Cameron Mitchell SAFE
Lucky Sexuality (Season 2)  Michael Weisman SAFE
Mack the Knife Theatricality Ellis Wylie OUT
Man, I Feel Like a Woman Dance-ability (Season 2)  Lily Mae Harrington SAFE
Man In The Mirror Tenacity (Season 2) Abraham Lim OUT
Maybe This Time Believability Lindsay Pearce SAFE
Mercy Vulnerability (Season 2) Lily Mae Harrington  SAFE
My Funny Valentine Generosity Samuel Larsen SAFE
Piece of My Heart Theatricality McKynleigh Abraham SAFE
Popular Glee-ality Ali Stroker R-U
River Deep - Mountain High Pairability Cameron Mitchell SAFE
Lindsay Pearce SAFE
Rolling In The Deep Glee-ality Aylin Bayramoglu R-U
Smile Sexuality (Season 2)  Tyler Ford  OUT
Someone Like You Theatricality Lily Mae Harrington SAFE
Son Of A Preacher Man Actability Lily Mae Harrington OUT
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Vulnerability (Season 2)  Mario Bonds SAFE
Stereo Hearts Theatricality Abraham Lim SAFE
Take A Bow Fearlessness Aylin Bayramoglu SAFE
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Romanticality Aylin Bayramoglu SAFE
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Pairability Damian McGinty SAFE
Matheus Fernandes OUT
Valerie Pairability Alex Newell SAFE
Hannah McIalwain SAFE
Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You Adaptability  Blake Jenner SAFE
Nellie Veitenheimer SAFE
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) Romanticality Shanna Henderson OUT
Without You Individuality (Season 2) Aylin Bayramoglu SAFE
Your Song Vulnerability Cameron Mitchell SAFE

 OUT  The contender was eliminated.
 SAFE  The contender was saved for a further week.
 WON  The contender won the competition.
 R-U  The contender was runner-up in the competition.
 QUIT  The contender left the competition voluntarily.
 SAVED  The contender was saved from elimination by another contender quitting.

Leader Board[]

Season One[]

1. Damian McGinty (6 LCPs)
1. Alex Newell (6 LCPs)
3. Lindsay Pearce (4 LCPs)
3. Cameron Mitchell (4 LCPs)
5. Samuel Larsen (3 LCPs)
5. Matheus Fernandes (3 LCPs)
7. McKynleigh Abraham (2 LCPs)
7. Ellis Wylie (2 LCPs)
7. Hannah McIalwain (2 LCP)
10. Marissa von Bleicken (1 LCP)
10. Emily Vasquez (1 LCP)
10. Bryce Ross-Johnson (1 LCP)

Season Two[]

1. Aylin Bayramoglu (5 LCPs)
1. Lily Mae Harrington (5 LCPs)
3. Blake Jenner (4 LCPs)
3. Charlie Lubeck (4 LCPs)
5. Ali Stroker (3 LCPs)
5. Michael Weisman (3 LCPs)
5. Abraham Lim (3 LCPs)
5. Nellie Veitenheimer (3 LCPs)
5. Tyler Ford (3 LCPs)
10. Mario Bonds (2 LCPs)
12. Shanna Henderson (1 LCP)
12. Dani Shay (1 LCP)
12. Maxfield Camp (1 LCP)
14. Taryn Mai (0 LCPs)


  • Ali Stroker and Samuel Larsen are the only finalists who performed the lowest number of LCPs with two, not including their finale performance.
  • Including their finale performance, Damian and Alex have performed the most LCPs with six.
  • All the LCP's starting with a "S" are sung on Season Two.
  • Taryn is the only contender to not sing a LCP, as she quit.
  • Ali Stroker is the finalist who's been at risk of elimination the least, having performed only one solo LCP (not including her finale). Her previous LCP was a duet with Abraham during which she wasn't put in the Bottom Three.
  • All the LCP's that start with J were sung in Season 1.

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