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Charlie-Aylin Relationship
Nickname Charlyn
Intimacy Level Kissed many times
Status Dated, but it was not official

The Charlie-Aylin Relationship is the non-fictional relationship between Charlie Lubeck and Aylin Bayramoglu. They are often referred to as Charlyn or Chaylin.

Episodes With[]

The Final 14[]

  • During Edge of Glory, when they reach the Choir Room, Charlie and Aylin are seen dancing together.

Dance-ability (Season 2)[]

  • During vocals with Nikki, Charlie and Aylin are play-fighting with a little bit of flirting mixed in.
  • When Aylin comes back after her kiss with Blake, she makes Charlie feel better by kissing him too. (Lily said " I never got to see Charlie's reaction to Blake and Aylin's kiss, but Charlie's reaction to Aylin kissing him was HYSTERICAL. He was like a little kid on Christmas." in her blog.)
  • In the dance-break of "Party Rock Anthem" Charlie and Aylin can be seen for a split second dancing together as Charlie dips Aylin down and spins her back up in front of the camera.

Vulnerability (Season 2)[]

  • After Charlie accidentally took Mario's cane in the first take, Aylin comforts him when he gets back.
  • When they are waiting for the bottom three to be announced, Charlie says that Aylin will miss him, and that he'll miss her too.
  • When everyone is called back, Aylin and Charlie give each other a large hug.
  • They are walking next to each other in Everybody Hurts.
  • In the bonus video, where Blake and Charlie dress up as superheroes, Charlie is wearing Aylin's bra (confirmed in a Blogtv).

Sexuality (Season 2)[]

  • While Charlie was in the recording booth, he was blowing kisses and winking at Aylin.
  • During Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake, he had almost given her a kiss near the end.
  • Aylin gave Charlie a hug before he was going to look at the callback list.
  • Charlie said that during his last chance performance, he was thinking of Aylin.
  • Nikki asks if Aylin is his muse, and he says she is.
  • In a bonus video, the cast is discussing their nerves about the shoot and Aylin and Charlie are lying next to each other in the same bed.


  • Before the bottom 3 are announced, Charlie is seen asking Aylin that if he goes, she won't miss him, and she tells him she can't do that and they kiss.
  • In the Extended goodbye clip, Aylin and Charlie kiss twice before he leaves.
  • He tells her "Nothing less but your best. You got me?"
  • says in a confessional that Charlie may be her first ever boyfriend.


  • Aylin is wearing Charlie's hoodie in the confessional. (This was confirmed by both parties via Twitter.)
  • Aylin confirmed on Twitter and in a TvLine interview that she dedicated her performance of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" to Charlie, but it wasn't shown on TV.

Glee-ality (Season 2)[]

  • When Charlie returns, along with the other contenders, him and Aylin hug and kiss.
  • Aylin says she's so happy to see him.
  • They hug and kiss in the bonus video where the eliminated contestants leave after doing the Tonight Tonight video).
  • Charlie gives Ryan a speech encouraging him to pick Aylin as the winner, telling him that she could inspire thousands of girls through Glee.


  • Charlie wrote a song for Aylin called Aylin.
  • A fan asked Aylin on Twitter if Charlie was a good kisser and she replied "@DiannaMyAir lol yes! @Charlie_Lubeck is a great kisser!! =)"
  • Blake tweeted "Charlie is totally dazed by Aylin lol!" when Sexuality (Season 2) aired.
  • In an bonus clip of Theatricality, Charlie wrote Aylin a letter before he left, and she read it to Shanna.
  • In a live chat they were doing at Charlie's apartment, they sang "Baby, It's Cold Outside" together.
  • In the same live chat, Charlie mentioned that Blake was voted Sexiest Contestant by fans and Aylin told him "You got my vote!"
  • She also leans her head against his shoulder during the chat.
  • During another BlogTV live chat, someone asks Aylin if she likes Blake or Charlie better and she jokingly says it's a hard question but picks Charlie.
  • In yet another chat, she says that she always thought Charlie was attractive (though he doesn't agree, mimicking the time she said "Just look at Blake!")
  • Aylin wrote in her "Dance-ability" blog "This week was fun. I love flirting with Charlie! =) He’s hot and we just click. We get along really well and the flirting just comes naturally...but Charlie could never be a distraction for me, he is actually a great support system.
  • Aylin writes in her "Theatricality" blog that "Being in the house without Charlie was a horrible feeling. I felt like a zombie... my body was still in the house, but my mind was somewhere else. Every time I passed the boys dorm, I expected to see Charlie there, but he wasn't. He kept me grounded. Without him in the house, I think everything just annoyed me. I loved everyone in the house but I was still trying to get over the fact that Charlie left."
  • Aylin wrote in her "Fearlessness" blog "Charlie and I decided to get back together because we really couldn't deny our feelings for each other. I thought that being friends with him would be easy but it wasn’t. We just really like each other’s company and it made sense for us to be together. I think we help each other a lot" and "It was hard seeing Charlie in the bottom with me...I thought that Charlie did great this week and that he shouldn't have been in the bottom. The first thing that went through my mind when I found out that Charlie and I were in the bottom three together was, "WHY?!" It sucked! I didn't want to be in the bottom three with Charlie! On the inside I wanted to cry, but on the outside I was trying so hard to pretend like it didn't bother me. No matter how much I like Charlie (which is a lot) I needed to try and remember why I came to this competition in the first place and give this Last Chance Performance everything I've got. I expected Charlie to do the same. I was just praying that neither one of us would go home...But in the end, Charlie was not called back and saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I've had to do in this competition yet. I was a mess! I didn't even know how I was going to continue on in the competition without Charlie. He was my support and the one person I fully trusted and could talk to about anything... and then he had to go. =( It was a really sad day for me and I knew I was going to miss him so much going forward. He helped me so much with everything, but I guess it was time to learn to be on my own. I will be thinking about Charlie every step of the way. He made me promise him that I wouldn't come home, so I am going to do my best to stay in this competition!"
  • In Aylin's backstory video, there's a shot of her and Charlie dancing in the kitchen together.
  • Aylin wrote in her Glee-ality (Season 2) blog "Of course, I was VERY happy to see Charlie!! I missed him a lot and it was getting even harder to get through the competition without him" and "It was amazing having all of my friends there watching [me do the LCP], especially Charlie. His support has meant so much to me during the competition and I felt like I was on cloud nine knowing that he was there watching me do what I do best!"
  • Aylin tweeted "@Charlie_Lubeck you will always be amazing to me. Thank you =)"
  • Charlie tweeted " Seeing @AylinSings again wasmMagical and frothy like a frappuccino made by the Keebler elves." and Aylin tweeted back "u r amazing!"
  • In an interview with TvLine about fans thinking her relationship with Charlie was fake and just for the cameras, Aylin said "Being in the house without outside communication, and only being able to talk to each other, that was the spark to the whole thing. But it turned into something totally real. I mean, when Charlie left the show, I got really, really upset. And we still care about each other a lot. I mean he’s totally at my apartment right now, chilling with Lily in the other room. So, it definitely wasn’t fake. I know some viewers said I wasn’t into it, or I was just playing it up for the cameras, but that’s absolutely not true. I was in a different mindset in the beginning of the show, and very focused on winning and being on Glee, but then I just let myself feel this way with Charlie, and it turned out to be something great."
  • If you look carefully in the blogtv, Aylin's arm is around Charlie at some points
  • During Blogtv, Aylin puts her arms aorund Charlie in attempt to get her phone back, and nuzzles his shoulder.
  • Someone tweeted Aylin a picture of Charlie buried in a sea of popcorn and she tweeted back "@Michael_T_Grant @Charlie_Lubeck HAHAHAHAHA!!!! He looks so cute! Lmao."


Dance-ability (Season 2)[]

  • When Aylin and Blake share a kiss in Party Rock Anthem music video shoot, Charlie gets jealous from the kiss.
  • Aylin is estatic when she and Blake share a kiss.

Sexuality (Season 2)[]

  • In both the homework assignment and music video, Charlie and Aylin were with different people most of the time.
  • Ryan and the other mentors believed that Charlie's flirting with Aylin was "unprofessional."


  • Aylin suggests that they lay off on their relationship to focus instead on the competition.
  • Charlie, surprisingly, couldn't be happier with the new arrangement.


  • Charlie is eliminated from the competition, putting his and Aylin's relationship on hold.


She is sexy, she's got swagger for days. Talent is attractive to me.

—Charlie about Aylin, Dance-ability (Season 2)

You've got to make me a promise, though. Don't miss me if I'm gone, OK?

—Charlie to Aylin, Fearlessness

There are no words that tell you how happy you make me. Like stupid happy. Like that first bite of brownie mix from the other day happy. I don't know why we stumble and weave through this tangled universe the way that we do. Or why I'm always looking for that silver lining, like a sunny idiot surrounded by rain clouds. Or why on earth you'd be attracted to that. But what I do know is that something about you that always seems to push the clouds away, and make the day a little less disastrous. I know that plenty of people would say it was impossible to have what we have here, but I know it was impossible for it to happen anywhere else. As it was then, so it is now. You will always be amazing to me. Love, Charlie

—Charlie's Letter to Aylin, Theatricality




Charlie Lubeck and Aylin Bayramoglu Blogtv chat (6 26 2012) Part 1

Charlie Lubeck and Aylin Bayramoglu Blogtv chat (6/26/2012) Part 1


Charlie Lubeck and Aylin Bayramoglu Blogtv chat (6 26 2012) Part 2

Charlie Lubeck and Aylin Bayramoglu Blogtv chat (6/26/2012) Part 2