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Charlie Lubeck is a contender on the second season of The Glee Project. He was eliminated during the sixth episode, Fearlessness.


Charlie is an actor and a singer. He has been performing for 15 years and earned his BFA in acting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He once performed in an alley in Vienna, Austria, which was part of his senior year choir tour through Europe. Charlie has severe ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. Although life has often been a social struggle for him, he feels that he would not be where he is today without the support of his “team of superheroes” – the friends and family that constantly provide love and encouragement. Charlie originally auditioned for The Glee Project at the New York City open casting call.


  • He was born in Adelaide, Australia.
  • He was the first finalist to be chosen by Ryan Murphy.
  • He and Aylin, who is also from Chicago, are the first official couple on the show. He is her first boyfriend. Sadly the two broke up in March of 2013.
  • He was in charge of the choreography of Born This Way.
  • He auditioned with Fields of Gold by Sting for his first audition, even though it was not on the approved list. It was not released because of high royalty fees.
  • He sang two lines in Party Rock Anthem, but another contender lip syncs to his singing on one of the lines.
  • His favorite character on Glee is Burt Hummel.
  • He dislikes Celine Dion.
  • He has the recurring problem of being unprofessional, due to his ADHD and mild Asperger's, which make it hard for an individual to focus and understand what is appropriate socially:
    • During the filming of Everybody Hurts he ignored the director's instructions and stole Mario's cane almost causing an accident.
    • In the vocal booth for Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake he flirted with Aylin through the window.
    • He tried directing the Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake video shoot.
    • He was sent to the bottom three two times because of this.
    • In Adaptability, he acted too serious/did not pay attention to the whole group.
  • He resembles Glee star Cory Monteith.
  • He is 6'2 but slouches while standing.
  • His favorite bands are Third Eye Blind, Led Zeppelin, and The Postal Service.
  • His favorite contender is Aylin.
  • His favorite contender in Season 1 was Marissa.
  • Started singing at the age of 5.
  • Favorite moment on TGP was being Pinkberry and Maude.
  • He thinks that the song "I Think Ur A Contra" by Vampire Weekend describes his life.
  • When he was younger, he was influenced by Rafi.
  • Charlie is Damian McGinty's second cousin.Source
  • The character he played for the Price Tag music video was named Scott Campbell, who was a snotty rich person.
  • Charlie is the second contender to sing Keep Holding On twice, the first being Mario, and third being Lily Mae.
  • He will sometimes change the lyrics or the melody to the songs.
  • Has an EP coming out in the winter entitled Shake The Dreamer.
  • He is half Jewish, but says he doesn't really practice the faith.
  • His middle name is David.
  • He is half-Irish.
  • His celebrity crush is Helen Mirren.
  • After being on the show, he wrote a song for Aylin, called "Aylin."
  • His favorite musical is Spring Awakening.
  • He has 3 Westies named Lucy, Binky, and Sprite.
  • He was the first contender to win the homework assignment and be in the bottom 3 on the same episode, the second being Blake in Romanticality.
  • He's a huge fan of Star Trek.
  • He has a sister named Zoey and a sister named Olivia.
  • He has a "gift for dialects" and says his best accent is his Australian.
  • His favourite guest mentor is Jane Lynch.
  • He is holding a fundraiser to raise money for his EP. He recently reached his goal. Source
  • His favorite movie is Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  • Nellie, Michael, Lily, Abraham, Aylin, and Charlie will have a show together called The Concert Project on 23 of March 2013 at 7:30 pm.
  • He is guest star on Michael and Nellie's Far and Away podcast on March 6.


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Solos (In Duets)[]

Solos (In a group number)[]

Season 2


Homework Assignment

Music Video

The Final 14 N/A The Edge of Glory
Individuality Born This Way Here I Go Again
Dance-ability We Got The Beat Party Rock Anthem
Vulnerability My Life Would Suck Without You Everybody Hurts
Sexuality I Wanna Sex You Up Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake
Adaptability You Oughta Know Price Tag
Fearlessness Now That We Found Love Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another


Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6

IN   The contender was not at risk of elimination.
 RISK  The contender was at risk of being eliminated.
 OUT  The contender was eliminated from the competition.

Homework Assignment[]

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6

NC    The contender had no comments from the mentor.
 WIN  The contender won the homework assignment.
 HIGH  The contender impressed the mentor but was not chosen as the Homework Assignment Winner.





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