Damian-Cameron Relationship
Nickname Dameron
Status Best Friends

The Damian-Cameron Relationship is the friendly and sometimes romantic pairing of Damian McGinty Jr. and Cameron Mitchell. They are often referred to as Dameron or McMitchell.

The interactions between these two are friendly and they are obviously incredibly close. They are often hugging or stating how big their friendship is - Lindsay and Alex have said that they 'ship' Dameron. They are currently room-mates.

The boys share a Youtube series of videos named CDTV (Cameron-Damian Television).

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Vulnerability (Season 1)Edit

  • When Lindsay is babbling, Damian is making "sexy" faces at Cameron and he laughs. (, about 13 seconds in).


  • The pair crack up over Damian's attempt at an American accent (pretty hard for an Irish guy).
  • Damian says "Cameron and I, we are so very much the perfect pair..." and "I love the guy, I really do."
  • Cameron says "Damian and I are kind of like long-lost Irish brothers."
  • In a bonus video, the group is waiting for the bottom three and Damian says "I hope it's not Cameron."


  • The pair share the same fears over being slushied in the Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby video shoot, with Damian following on with the quote "Cameron and I are getting on incredibly well in the house."


  • When the boys are in the dorm discussing the week's theme, Damian is the first to ask Cameron how he feels.
  • He says Cameron is his best friend and that they tell each other everything.
  • After Cameron quits the competition (which saved Damian for he was supposed to be eliminated), Damian is the most miserable of all, yet he's the only one to not shed a tear. He says he'll miss Cameron the most.
  • In the bonus video where they are waiting for the bottom 3, Damian says "I still think Alex is going home, but I don't know if I think that because I don't wanna think that Cameron's going home."


  • When the eliminated contestants return, Cameron's the first person who Damian hugs. There's also a Dameron high-five during the Raise Your Glass shoot.


  • In his casting blog, Damian writes " As for Cameron, that guy is the one person that stands out to me as the artist who will sell millions of albums! Everybody is just incredible, but more importantly, I believe they are all genuinely good people. It's gonna be a lot of fun!"
  • In his Vulnerability (Season 1) blog, Damian wrote " It was not easy to draw emotion from the word “numb,” and that’s really what the whole week was about! Cameron and I were actually talking about it quite a lot, because we felt we were in the same boat (not having a dramatic sign). And it actually ended up that both of us were right. Brothers battling it out in the bottom!" and " I live to fight another day! And so does my bromance with Cameron! I find it a little funny both of us battled our way through!"
  • In his Sexuality (Season 1) blog, Damian wrote "Cameron quitting was not nice. At all. I think it was one of the worst nights in my life. In my head, knowing that Ryan was willing to send me home, made me feel sick and it made me doubt myself. The fact that I am still in this show is due to the fact that Cameron quit. Let’s just say it ain’t the way I would have chosen. Cameron was my best friend, my big brother. We have an amazing friendship. We just have this understanding. We are both on the same page, and in many ways we are similar, though in many ways we are so different.Cameron is just a star. If I was a betting man, after seeing the “Firework” video, I would have put my life saving’s on Cameron winning the show. And to be honest, the only reason he didn't was because of what he did. For that I respect him so much. He is his own man, wants to do his own thing, and he will be one of the biggest artists ever. I predict, for him, it will probably be the best move he has ever made.For me, I have to find a way to lift myself for next week. My head is not in a good place. This is the biggest test I will ever face... but bring it on. I am a fighter, I am still here, in the top 5... and I am going to do my best to win this thing. Not just for me, but for Cam."
  • Cameron shared his Bing Fan Favorite prize with Damian. Instead of a solo music video performance, he decided to perform a duet: "Haven't met you yet " with Damian.
  • Damian was filming a video and when approached Cameron, Cameron said "Hey, baby." (
  • When Damian asked on twitter if he should see a certain movie, Cameron responded: "Why don't you ask your movie critic best friend?."
  • Damian tweeted "@camronmitchell miss you bro...see you next week! :)"
  • Damian tweeted "@camronmitchell I woke up this morning, and prayed for a miracle. So please answer your phone. Lol."
  • Damian tweeted "Live chat here with @camronmitchell and I at 10pm EST. 3am Irish time. I'm in Ireland. Great stuff altogether."
  • Damian tweeted "I miss @camronmitchell but so we shall be together again and CDTV will be back on track!" July 24, 2012.
  • Damian tweeted "I like to cook. Ask @camronmitchell ... I'm a great cook haha."
  • Damian has confirmed on Twitter that Cameron is producing his new music.
    • Damian tweeted "Crazy day. Lunch, golf, recording with @camronmitchell. All in the life. I'm feeling Mexican food."
    • Cameron tweeted "working on a sweet cover with @damianmcginty. gonna blow your mind.”
    • Damian tweeted "Me and @camronmitchell are rising early tomorrow, and working on music all day. You guys are in for a treat very soon!! Night folks x"
  • Cameron tweeted "Sometimes things are too good to be true you know?” and Damian replied "like having me as a best mate...I concur."
  • In his "Sexuality" blog, Cameron wrote " Damian is the kind of friend people spend their entire lives trying to find. Our friendship will last a lifetime. Who else's accent could I ever make fun of?!"
  • In his EW interview, Cameron said "Me and Damian, [me leaving] was a little different because at the same time I was leaving but it was kind of like I kind of redeemed him so he was going to go on and fight for me."
  • Cameron said in an interview with Wetpaint that "Man, living with [Damin] is something that everyone needs to experience. It’s just so interesting. It’s great because we never, he’s so easy going, we just tell each other everything. I don’t know, we really are, it’s like brothers. It’s really weird!"
  • Cameron tweeted "Well it's been fun but time to head back to good ole los angeles. @damianmcginty ready to see me?"
  • They made a silly video of them speaking Spanish together.
  • Cameron tweeted “@camronmitchell: chicken pot pie with @damianmcginty. Hot chocolate? Yes. Bag of sweets yes? FIFA???? YESSSSSSSSSS”


I don't want Damian to go. I love Damian.


Cameron quitting was not nice. At all.

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