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Damian-Lindsay Relationship
Nickname Damsay
Intimacy Level Kissed during the Teenage Dream music video
Status Friends

The Damian-Lindsay Relationship is the relationship between Lindsay Pearce and Damian McGinty Jr.. They are often referred to as Damsay, McPearce or Lamian.

The interactions between these two are often playful and friendly. People started shipping Damsay since Sexuality week, where the two shared an un-scripted video kiss. They say it was out of pure passion (and a big clue is on Damian's 107 Blog) when Lindsay says it was just acting. The two have stayed friends ever since.

Episodes With[]


  • Damian was seen checking Lindsay out after the performance of Bad Romance.
  • Lindsay says 'I can stare at that guy and listen to him talk all day.' while talking about his Irish rap and accent.



  • Damian and Lindsay get slushied together during the Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby shoot, with Lindsay following with the quote "It's such a surreal moment between him (Damian) and I!"


  • Damian and Lindsay get paired up for the steamy Teenage Dream shoot, and they end up sharing an un-scripted kiss at the end of the filming.
  • When Lindsay is revealed safe in the episode, Damian hugs and kisses Lindsay.



Off Set[]

  • During an interview of the whole Season One contenders, Damian is asked wether he's crushing on any of the girls and he says no one, yet Cameron and Bryce shouts out 'Lindsay! It's Lindsay!"
  • Damian and Lindsay played in a bowling alley with Michael Weisman.

Episodes Against[]



  • Damian gives Hannah a pretend kiss, and they are spotted sitting together.


  • Hannah wishes she was Damian's partner for the video shoot.


  • Damian is seen hugging and kissing Hannah's cheek before walking away with her.
  • When Lindsay hears that she gets two episodes on Glee, she immediately runs and jumps onto Samuel.


  • Hannah claims that Damian told her he had a crush on her too.
  • In one of Lindsay tweet he say that "@lindsayhpearce: Happy Birthday @damianmcginty. You're the best brother ever. Love you so much" Lindsay only considers Damian as her brother.
  • Lindsay is in a relationship with Anthony Chacon.


It's such a surreal moment between him and I!

—Lindsay about Damian, Tenacity

Lindsay: Something tells me this isn't just coincidence.
Damian: I don't know.
Lindsay: And it’s not just those weird little “something has your back” thing, it’s the fact that you have absolutely changed and grown.
Damian: Aw.
Lindsay: If you were to be on Glee, you will continue to change and grow, which is what a character does. It’s what a person does.
Damian: Aw. Thanks very much.
Lindsay: I’m serious! Damian, I’m serious. I’m not just saying that. I honestly think you will win this competition.
Damian: You make me blush.

—Lindsay and Damian, Generosity

I'm really satisfied with my partner - it's really great having a gorgeous girl for the shoot so ... I'm a lucky guy.

—Damian about Lindsay for the Teenage Dream shoot,, Damian's Blog

Tiffany: What about for the guys? Were there any crushes? Damian?

Damian: (Chuckles) No, no. I mean, they're all absolutely gorgeous, but...

Tiffany: Such a politically correct answer! (Everyone agrees) (To Damian) Come on, tell me in my ear, who is it?

Damian: No! There is no one, I'm sure, I swear to god! No one.

Cameron and Bryce: Lindsay!

—Tiffany (interviewer) and Season One cast at premier interview.