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Damian-Marissa Relationship
Nickname Damrissa
and VonGinty
Status Friends

The Damian-Marissa Relationship is the fictional relationship between Marissa Von Bleicken and Damian McGinty Jr.. They are often referred to as Damrissa, McBleicken, and VonGinty.

The interactions between these two are often playful and friendly—there were several little looks and glances over the episodes. People started shipping Damrissa ever since Dance-ability, where Marissa booty-pops, and Damian continuesly comments on her booty-popping saying its was 'unreal' and 'incredible'. He also admits to have a crush on her. They have been friends ever since.

Episodes With[]


  • In the Music video of 'We're Not Gonna Take It' Damian and Marissa are singing together along with Alex.
  • When waiting for who would be eliminated, they cast were in a circle and were talking. In a quick shot Damian is seen to be looking at Marissa.


  • When singing 'Bad Romance' Marissa and Damian were leaning against each other's backs.
  • A snapshot of Marissa and Damian was taken, showing that Marissa and Damian were sitting together at a lunch table alone.
  • Marissa was smiling at Damian in the picture.
  • Alex was supposed to sit with them, meaning they were alone when he was still shooting from the other spots.


  • In the Music video of 'Mad world', at the ending they were standing beside each other.
  • when walking away they are seen to be touching each other's hands.


  • When singing 'Hey soul sister' Damian and Marissa are standing beside each other.
  • They were both dancing together (along with Matheus) in the 'U cant touch this' music video.
  • While getting ready for shooting the music video,Damian looks at Marissa and says 'In the Ghettooo', possibly trying to get her attention.Marissa looks at him with a blank expression.
  • When Marissa is told to Booty-pop on the stairs, Damian shouts 'oh my god!'
  • Damian comments on her booty-popping saying 'that is hot.'
  • He then says 'the rest of us are committing sins in our heads.'
  • After Marissa finishes her booty-popping, in the background Damian shouts 'Unreal! Incredible!' showing he liked it a lot.
  • He then says 'It's infront of you but you cant touch it- I cant touch this!' and laughs. showing that he possibly wanted to touch it.
  • He reacted the most to her booty-popping.
  • When talking to Mckynleigh, Marissa is sitting on the floor near where Damian is sitting on the couch.


  • When Marissa wins the homework assignment, Damian turns to her and smiles.
  • When Marissa and Samuel kissed, Lindsay, Alex, Hannah and Cameron were smiling while Damian looked mad and jealous.


  • While waiting for their final performances, Marissa looks at Damian and releases a small smile. While Damian looks like he bites his lip when he looks back at her.
  • When Marissa gets eliminated, Damian hugs her.
  • In a snapshot after they were done shooting the music video of all of them being slushied, Marissa is seen putting her hair back, while Damian is looking at her.


  • In his Tenacity (Season 1) blog, Cameron wrote about Marissa leaving "Damian will miss her dancing on those stairs hahaha!"
  • Damian describes Marissa as "gorgeous, has incredible features, and is a lovely girl."
  • Marissa once, off-screen, called Damian 'a cute luck of the Irish'. However, they haven't shown it on air.
  • On the Cast Makeup and Wardrobe bonus, when the guy was talking to Marissa about looking “big, glam, and sexy”, Damian can be heard saying “of course” in the background.
  • Marissa went to Damian's 20th birthday party.
  • Damian said in an interview (about the booty-popping) "Hmmmm……..Let’s just say, Marissa is incredibly attractive, I know I aint the only man thinking that….and I’ll let you figure out the quote for yourself." Source


  • Marissa chooses Samuel as her partner for Pair-ability.
  • Marissa chooses to be Cameron's partner for "Need you Now."
  • Marissa makes fun of Damian a lot and sometimes tries to copy his accent.


  • They are seen to have hugged a lot throughout their times together.
  • In homework assignments, they are mostly seen standing beside each other.
  • In their blogs, Marissa is wearing green, same as Damian.
  • Even after Marissa was eliminated they still keep in touch.