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Season 1, Episode 4
Air date July 10, 2011
U.S. Viewers 745.000
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Dance-ability is the fourth episode in season one of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a seven episode guest starring role on the show.

Guest Mentor: Harry Shum Jr
Homework Assignment Winner: Samuel
Eliminated: McKynleigh


For the homework assignment, the contestants prepare a dance routine as they sing "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. They perform in front of Harry Shum Jr., who proclaims Samuel as the winner. As his prize, Samuel will have a one-on-one session with Harry and a featured part in the group's rendition of U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.

Alex tells Samuel he thinks he should've won, but Alex just wanted someone else to shine, annoying the other contestants who view Alex as arrogant. During the recording sessions, Samuel uses Hannah's “skadoosh” adlib and Nikki compliments him on his originality. Hannah becomes upset when she hears Samuel used her adlib. During the video shoot, Zach, Nikki, and Erik discuss amongst themselves that contestants that they expected to be good dancers are struggling while others that they expected to struggle are doing better because they have positive attitudes. Marissa and Damian are noted for their positive attitudes and best efforts. Matheus struggles with the choreography and snaps at the other contestants in frustration. Alex's performance is low energy and McKynleigh is reminded by Erik to let her personality shine on camera.

The bottom three are Alex, Matheus and McKynleigh. For their Last Chance Performance songs, the mentors choose Last Name by Carrie Underwood for McKynleigh, Down by Jay Sean for Matheus, and Whitney Huston’s I Will Always Love You for Alex. McKynleigh is praised for her vocals but the judges note that she is still struggling to stand out from the crowd. Matheus takes off his shirt for his performance, which amuses the judges. He is praised for energy but Ryan warns against having a negative attitude on set. Alex is complimented on his vocals but he is advised to have more humility. In the end, McKynleigh is eliminated and she ends the episode singing Keep Holding On.

Eliminated Contestant Interview: Entertainment Weekly Interview with McKynleigh


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