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Season 2, Episode 2
Air date June 12, 2012
U.S. Viewers 474.000
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Dance-ability is the second episode for Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show. It aired on Oxygen June 12 at 10:00pm.

Guest Mentor: Samuel Larsen
Homework Assignment Winner: Abraham
Eliminated: Dani
Quit: Taryn


Robert's announcement that this episode's theme will be Dance-ability is greeted with excitement by some contenders and trepidation by others. Tyler, in particular, voices concern in his confessional because he was in the bottom three in the first week due to his inability to dance. Robert gives the contenders the lyrics for the homework assignment, We Got The Beat by the Go-Gos, and tells them they must decide between themselves who will sing each line, as well as the choreography. Mario's lyrics are in Braille. Conflicts begin to arise as the contenders try to select their lines. Ali wants to sing line 13, "round and round and round," because she has an idea for what to do with her chair that goes with the lyrics. Mario says that he also wants to sing that line, because he can do something cool vocally with it. Mario says in confessional that he didn't want Ali to do that line because he thinks it would be cliché for someone in a wheelchair to sing it. Ali says in her confessional that Mario is already rubbing people the wrong way in week two. Nellie gives up her line for Mario instead, as that was his second choice. When the contenders are haggling over choreography, Taryn expresses her irritation with everyone speaking over one another.

Later we see Taryn speaking on the phone to her mother and crying, saying how homesick she feels. A statement flashes on the screen that says that Taryn left the competition later that night. In the preparation room the next morning, Robert explains to the shocked contenders that Taryn went home and asks Shanna to do her line, since she was last week's homework assignment winner. The contenders are saddened that they didn't get to say a proper goodbye to Taryn, but pull themselves together to go into the choir room.

In the choir room, Samuel Larsen is revealed as the guest mentor. Aylin is particularly excited about this and tells us in confessional that he is "so hot, especially in person." Samuel gives them advice to be very confident, take a note from Michael Jackson and "do you, but do it HARD!" Then, they perform We Got The Beat. The choreography works out extremely well, and Robert says this is probably the best homework performance ever. Samuel praises several contenders, including telling Tyler he's a proper nerd and should own that, telling Aylin she is cute with her funny stand-out moves, complimenting Shanna's sensuality, and praising Abraham's intensity. The homework assignment winner is Abraham. The video assignment will be Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

During vocals with Nikki, we see that Lily is struggling more than others to make her voice adapt to the song, and this is surprising because she is one of the few trained singers in the competition. We also see Charlie and Aylin horsing around playfully, with a confessional by Charlie saying Aylin is sexy, talented, and has 'swagger for days', followed by a confessional by Aylin saying she thinks Charlie has a crush on her, but she's there to be on Glee, not for romance.

During choreography with Zach, we see the contenders really struggling with dance. Tyler discusses again his difficulties with coming to terms with his changed body. Dani is concerned that she can't dance fast enough to do the moves Zach is teaching her group. Zach tells them not to do "the wedding dance," which he explains as the kind of dance you would do at a wedding that makes people laugh. Lily Mae demonstrates her breast shaking and popping moves, and these are later called her "wedding dance" moves.

The video shoot starts with spin-the-bottle between Blake, Michael, Mario, Aylin, Lily, Nellie, and Shanna. The other contenders are watching on screen from another room and wonder why they aren't in the scene. Nellie says in her confessional that she doesn't just kiss people. When Blake spins Aylin, they share a long, intimate kiss, which Abraham says looks like she's trying to suck out his soul. Dani says it looks like they've been wanting to do this for days. Charlie looks crestfallen. In confessional, Aylin admits that though her mother thinks she's never been kissed, she has actually kissed a lot of guys. She says this kiss with Blake was one of the hottest things that has ever happened to her, and adds "Sorry mom, but just LOOK at Blake!" When they come back into the room with the other contenders, they all tease Aylin about being a "slut." Charlie tells her that he was disappointed not to be in the scene and asks if she was disappointed that he wasn't in it. By way of answer, she leans down and gives him a big kiss on the mouth. This makes his day, and he's completely cheered up.

When it comes to dancing and lip synching in the video, Zach and Nikki think this is a total disaster. Despite coaching tips from Samuel, who tells him to have fun with it and not to focus too hard, Abraham is concentrating too much on being perfect and requires more takes than anyone has ever required in any video on TGP. Dani and Nellie's group dance looks so bad to Zach that he tells them to just forget the steps they've learned and do something else. In the end, the mentors are very concerned about the dancing, lip synching, and choreography of most contenders, with the notable exceptions of Blake and Michael, but just feel confident that Erik can make a decent looking video out of all of the footage combined.

The reveal of the bottom three starts with Robert, Zach and Nikki castigating the contenders about their very poor performance in the video. They say there are some stand outs, though, and call back Aylin, whom they praise for bringing back the sass they sought last week. Aylin is quite excited, and Lily notes in her confessional that she thinks the celebrating in front of people is rude. Blake, Michael, Charlie, Mario, Ali and Shanna are all also called back. The remaining contenders get negative notes about their performances, but Abraham and Nellie are called back. Robert says that in the video Dani looked like the person at the party who is waiting for her ride so she can go home. Dani, Lily and Tyler are the bottom three. Lily argues with Zach about the notes he gives her. Dani will sing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Tyler will sing Daniel by Elton John. Lily will sing Man, I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. All three seem pleased with the songs chosen for them. Tyler is a big Elton John fan, and Dani feels a very emotional connection with the song Landslide.

Dani sings a very low-key Landslide. Ryan tells her she's talented and an artist, but not really a performer like they perform in the show. She feels she is more of a coffee house performer who can write songs. Talking about her afterwards, Robert says she'll never be perky, and Ryan worries that she's not the show.

Next, Tyler sings Daniel. This is more in his vocal range than ABC was. The mentors agree that he's improved in the video shoot and in this performance, but will need to come a long way further to remain a contender. Ryan tells him to be as courageous in his performances as he is in his life and take some chances. After he leaves, Ryan and the other mentors note that he didn't even try to reach some of the notes in the song.

Finally, Lily sings Man, I Feel Like a Woman. She flirts with the band during the performance, takes off her sweater in a sexy way and throws it down on the stage, and dances/acts sexy. Ryan likes her performance, but asks her about the conflict she had with Zach over her notes. She explains that she has a hard time accepting criticism. When he asks her if she has a history of such conflicts she says, yes, that she had the same trouble with her choir teacher in high school. When asked how she will be different next week, she says she will take every note to heart and do it that way. After she leaves, Ryan wonders if you should cut someone because you don't like her attitude. Back in the waiting room, Lily admits that she totally put her foot in her mouth and said all of the wrong things.

Dani, Lily, and Tyler go out to see the list, and find that Dani is not called back. She sings Keep Holding On.



  • Samuel makes a reference to the commonly used word in Season One when he says "Skadoosh" before leaving after mentoring the homework assignment.
  • This is the second episode in which a contestant quit, being Taryn. The first was Cameron in the episode Sexuality.
  • Taryn is the first contestant to leave and not sing Keep Holding On, the show's number for each eliminated contestant, at the end of the episode.
  • Taryn is also the only contestant so far to not have sung a Last Chance Performance.
  • Taryn is also the only contestant who did not to perform the homework assignment for the guest mentor the episode they left.
  • Lily Mae does the backwards worm filming Party Rock Anthem.
  • Abraham didn't know ahead of time that the pictures of his family/friends would be at the video shoot.Source
  • This episode drew a 0.1 rating 18-49, with a 0.474 total million viewers, making an increase from last episode.
  • This is the first episode to have more than one contender leave, although not necessarily a double elimination.
  • While Ali, Dani, and Abraham were watching the contestants play spin-the-bottle (with Charlie in the room as well), they made the entire group friendship bracelets.
  • Lily said in a YouTube video that a lot of the contenders were suffering from injuries during the music video (Abraham hurt his eye, Ali cut her finger which affected her wheelchair abilities, and Shanna was dancing on a broken kneecap) that were not addressed on film.
  • It has been said on the show that this episode had the best homework assignment and the worst music video.

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