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Dani-Ali Relationship
Nickname Danali
Intimacy Level Broken Up
Status Broken Up

The Dani-Ali Relationship is the relationship between Dani Shay and Ali Stroker. They are often referred to as Danali.


  • Dani Shay rooted for Ali to win after she, Dani was eliminated early in the competition. Source
  • Ali believes that the sexiest contender in TGP2 is Dani Shay. Source
  • During her time on The Glee Project, Ali developed a close friendship with contender Dani Shay and became a spokesperson in the Be More Heroic anti-bully campaign Dani and a few friends began in 2011.Source
  • Ali and Dani look like they are going to kiss on a picture that Lily tweeted. Source
  • On Dance-ability (Season 2) episode Dani and Ali sit next to each other while watching the spin-the-bottle-scene during filming. Source
  • Dani tweeted "Congrats @ALISTROKER for winning the homework assignment! Theatricality is your jam!" and Ali replied "You are my jam!"
  • Dani tweeted "I miss you guys! I've been exploring consciousness with @ALISTROKER this week and it has been incredible!"
  • After Fearlessness aired, Dani tweeted "@ALISTROKER If I would've been there, I would've built you a fire to sit by... Well, They wanted fearless, they got it! @TheGleeProject" (about the scene where Ali had trouble getting slushied because her body doesn't react to extreme temperatures well).
  • Dani tweeted "Hell yeah @ALISTROKER is a comedian! She makes me laugh so hard I almost pee myself. LOL."
  • Dani tweeted "I've become really close with Ali. She's very professional and fun!"
  • Another entry into the Danali-is-so-on category!
  • On 7/31 Dani was tweeting during the show from Ridgewood, NJ - Ali's home town.
  • Dani tweeted "@Blake_Jenner @ALISTROKER Nice chemistry! Now imagine if @nellielisabeth and I had been there to show Uoi up. ;P haha totally kidding" and Ali replied "@danishay bring it babe! Bring it!"
  • Ali wrote in her "Dance-ability" blog "Dani being sent home was one of the hardest things I went through during the competition. I was the closest to her in the house and we had a really special bond. She was the person I could share my fears and most personal thoughts with. When I talk to Dani, I feel like she understands me in such a deep way. There is no judgment in our connection. I had really opened up to her, and to be honest I hadn't at that point with a lot of other people in the house. I always thought she was one of the strongest contenders and I didn't EVER think in a million years she would be sent home after the second week. When we were waiting to go into the choir room to say goodbye I heard her start to cry and I lost it. I began to cry and I didn't want to go in and face what I had to face which was saying goodbye to not only one of my best friends in the house but in my life. I didn't know the next time I was going to get to talk to her or see her. It felt unfair and I stayed back from the crowd as everyone was saying goodbye. We then hugged for about seven minutes straight. I remember saying "It's going to be okay, It's going to be ok" even though I didn't know how I was going to do this without her. As she was walking up the stairs I struggled to say through sobs, "I don't want you to go." Aylin and Shanna took my hands and we walked out of that choir room and I had to pick myself up. When we got back to the dorms I curled up on the couch and cried while Nellie held me in her arms. I so badly wanted to talk to Dani in that moment and ask her if she was ok and how she was feeling. But we weren't meant to go through this together. We had to be apart and on our own. Dani is very special to me and I am forever grateful that The Glee Project brought us together."
  • Dani tweeted " @ALISTROKER Wait a minute... Which Glee Project contender did you say you find the sexiest? #theadorationismutual ;P"
  • Ali tweeted: @danishay I think you are so special. I can't wait to watch you take over the world.... Lets do it together k? :)
  • In Dani's backstory video, there are at least two separate shots of her hanging with Ali.
  • In Glee-ality (Season 2), when the contenders who have been eliminated return to the house we see Ali scream when she sees Dani and see two shots of them hugging.
  • Dani tweeted and posted on Facebook "I'm so happy for @AliStroker!! She just became an #AvatarMaster !! “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi" she also posted picture of them hugging. here
  • Dani tweeted "Heading to Rainbow River Festival with @alistroker, who is literally losing her mind over the song "Never Ever Getting Back Together." Lol! #SheLovesPop" and Instagrammed a picture of them in the car together.
  • Dani did a meet-and-greet at a gay bar called Diva's Nightclub and Ali came along. They were "openly together as a couple," according to one attendee. This does not confirm they are a couple, however. They sang "Love the Way You Lie" together at the event, according to Ali's tweets. source
  • After the event, Dani tweeted "@ALISTROKER I think maybe you should sing "backup" on a song of mine sometime... ;P thanks for playing and hanging today. #youdabest"
  • Dani released this music video which confirms that Ali and Dani are officially dating.
  • This is the second time where two contenders were revealed to be dating.  The first was Aylin and Charlie who became a couple when season 2 was being filmed.  Dani and Ali's relationship started prior to Aylin and Charlie's, but they were determined to keep it a secret. Source Source
  • Ali has never previously had a girlfriend, but says she's in love with Dani.  She was worried about being labeled a "lesbian" because of all of the previous labels that have been put on her.  Dani also feels that labeling them lesbians is limiting because it implies that she is female, but she does not label her gender.  Source
  • They made a duet of "Let It Snow."
  • They appeared on glee in the same episode.
  • In the song "One," Dani wrote about how they fell in love during the five days of callbacks:  "One is for the number of days it took for me to fall.  Two is when I knew that you were one to play along.  Three we started to see how deep it could be if we could trust that Four our love could handle anything that came to us, and at Five in the morning we stop, we listen, we talk, we kiss and we stare, we can't believe we're there."  On the fifth day they were eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and couldn't stop talking, laughing and staring at each other, even though there were 30 other people at the table. Source
  • Their first official date was on the day after The Glee Project ended.  They went to Santa Monica and rode the ferris wheel together. Source