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Season 2, Episode 6
Air date July 10, 2012
U.S. Viewers 507.000
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Fearlessness is the 6th episode for Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show. Fearlessness aired on July 10, 2012.

Guest Mentor: Jane Lynch
Homework Assignment Winner: Lily Mae
Eliminated: Charlie


The episode begins with Aylin telling the other contenders that she's glad that Adaptability week is over. Robert comes in to tell them that this week's theme will be Fearlessness. Aylin is happy because she has had to become fearless to be herself within a conservative, Muslim household. Robert says that the homework assignment will be Now That We Found Love by Heavy D and the Boyz. Abraham expresses particular fear because he doesn't rap and doesn't know if Asians generally do rap, but he feels he'll need to "go big or go home." Robert says that part of the challenge is that none of them is a rapper, so they'll be performing a song in a style with which they aren't comfortable. Blake thinks this is a challenge because the song is very fast. Nellie doesn't care which line she gets because she feels she'll be ridiculous with any line. She doesn't know the song, doesn't rap, and keeps getting the note to be bolder and stick out more, so she thinks she'll be as uncomfortable as she possibly could be. Abraham suggests they start with their butts facing the mentor, and they choreograph it that way. Michael vows not to overthink it this week.

When Jane Lynch enters the room to mentor, she carries a bullhorn and calls them "sloppy babies," warning "I'll give you something to be afraid of!" The contenders go wild, particularly the female contenders. Ali cannot believe that Jane Lynch is there, and she's freaking out. Jane Lynch tells them that she didn't get Glee till she was 49, and before that she did a lot of improv, which is a very fear-inducing thing. She tells them to relish those fearful moments because anything that causes fear is an opportunity for you to do your best. Then, they perform Now That We Found Love. Jane's notes are that Michael hung back more than the other guys and should challenge himself to be more out there in the music video; Aylin did fantastic and really interpreted the story in the song with her actions; Lily made her laugh and demanded her attention; and Nellie receded and seemed to feel a little silly, and she very notably flubbed her solo line. Jane says she struggled between Aylin and Lily, but decided to go with Lily. Aylin says in confessional that she is pissed off because she definitely deserves to be mentored by THE Jane Lynch, and not Lily. Robert and Jane announce that the song for the music video will be a mash-up Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another, and Nellie loves both of these songs. Jane then adds that there will be a slushie fight involved. When they seem happy she says "You've obviously never been hit by a slushie!" Shanna is excited very much like Lindsay was last season. Jane and Robert add that they will be at a high school swimming pool in swimsuits. Lily says she has no fear in a swimsuit because she has had to deal with so much crap over the years about her size, and she is just very comfortable with herself now.

Since there's no choreography in this week, they go straight to wardrobe to try on the swimsuits. Nellie is clearly uncomfortable. Blake and Charlie try to comfort her by saying their junk is super clear in these suits, but they feel like superheros. This makes her laugh, but she starts crying. Meanwhile, Charlie and Aylin are breaking their anti-snuggling pact and holding hands on his bed. It's clear he wants more, and she's excited that he may be her first ever boyfriend, but tells him not to push his luck when he wants to kiss.

In the studio, Nellie does well, but Charlie is distracted by friends again, Abraham also does well, and Michael has a lot of trouble taking Nikki's notes and applying them. Nikki worries that Michael is the biggest over-thinker and that Charlie's a mess.

At the video shoot, Aylin is prone to laugh when things aren't going well, instead of get serious. Charlie is too low key and has a little trouble with the lip sync. Nellie has to rise out of a pool in a sexy way. Nellie notes that she's not excited, and Robert explains that she is the least confident in her looks of all of the contenders. Erik is worried that Nellie seems to need constant encouragement. Lily has benefitted from her time with Jane Lynch, who tells her about how to get into character. Jane also says Lily is a young Jane Lynch. The mentors think everything goes well for Lily. She is also the only one not wearing goggles during the underwater scenes, because she won the homework assignment. Ali wants to be slushied, too. She begs them to let her do it, but it is rougher for her because she has to do it outside her chair and hold herself up with her arms. She's doing great, but she gets short of breath, and cries. She's trying to laugh because she doesn't want anyone to see she couldn't do this. They put her on the edge of the pool, Charlie, Aylin and Shanna wrap towels around her, and then she breaks free and dives into the pool, to the cheers of all of her fellow contenders. All of the contenders did well, so it will be hard to determine who should sing for Ryan. Ali doesn't feel she deserves to be at the bottom, but is worried. Charlie and Aylin are kissing now, and he makes her promise not to miss him if he goes.

When the mentors talk to the contenders, they begin with the two standouts (MVPs) for the episode: Lily and Ali. They say Lily owns this video, and Ali epitomized fearlessness throughout the week. They note that what's great about Ali is that with her there's never an excuse. Ali says she can do anything in this competition now, so "bring it!" If the next challenge is fire, she's ready. Shanna, Blake and Abraham are all called back. They speak to Charlie about his acting choices, distraction, and disappearing in the group. Aylin is talked to about her silliness and lack of focus, and she says she disappointed herself. Nellie is told that she's too easily intimidated, and this means that Erik had more takes with her to get what he needed. The mentors explain that on a real set she wouldn't have mentors who would allow this many takes. Michael is told that Jane's note for him to try to stand out more was apt, and that it takes him longer to get things in the studio than it does for the others. Michael is called back. Nellie gets If I Were a Boy. She says she sings the song, but it's Beyoncé, so it's a little scary. Aylin gets Take A Bow by Rihanna and seems very happy: she says confidentely "How about a round of applause?," making the mentors laugh. Charlie will sing It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones. He doesn't seem to know it, but Aylin does, and she begins to sing it. Aylin says in confessional that it's not a fun feeling competing against Charlie, but she wants to be on Glee more than anything, and she'd never let a relationship get in the way of that. Charlie wants to be in this relationship with Aylin, and he doesn't know what he'll do if she goes home, but he still wants to be in this competition.

In a vignette, they show a time when the girls (except for Nellie, who does not seem to participate) said they should all get naked to get comfortable the day before the swimsuit scene. Girls are in sports bras and shorts. Guys strip down to boxers and shoes. Blake says Charlie looks like a naked lumberjack in his boots.

Ryan says that when he watched the video, these were the three people he would have picked, as they were reticent and not as bold as the others. The first last chance performance is Aylin with Take a Bow in a flouncy red dress, with hair curled. She gave a very bold, sassy, belting performance. Ryan asks where this girl was in the video this week. He explains that in the history of the show he's never seen anyone get the slushie and laugh. When she laughed, he thought people wouldn't root for her. Ryan reveals that he thinks she is a leading lady, and a leading lady has to be strong and vulnerable. She needs to bring both at once. He tells her that if she were on the show thousands and thousands of girls would finally feel represented, that she's a first and a game changer, but she needs to step up into that.

Next is Charlie with It's Not Unusual, who starts by saying he's coming to love these weekly sessions. Part way through the song he jumps from the stage and sits next to Nikki, singing "It's not unusual to say I could be on Glee. Although it's been four weeks now in the bottom three. But Ryan Murphy, oh I know that you'll agree, it's not unusual to find that I'm in love with you." Ryan tells Charlie he thinks he's great, he loved the song, and that was his best vocal performance. However, the show's not just a performance show. He tells Charlie that there's a lot to be said in this business about marching to your own drummer, so what he's doing isn't wrong, it's just not the show. Charlie feels he could do what they're asking him to do if only he focuses more. He tells Ryan that he wants to be part of this show more than anything.

Nellie sings If I Were a Boy. She performs a powerful, emotional version that makes Zach shout "Oh my God, Nellie!." Ryan says the problem is her confidence level, but it's pretty much the same with her every time. She's underconfident, and then when they put her in front of a microphone they wonder why she can't see that she's a star. He empathizes with how hard it is to appear in a bathing suit, but he noted that there were several girls in the video who were uncomfortable, but just went for it. She explains how many things were hard for her in the week, and then Zach tells her he thinks she's wonderful, but he's done telling her. He feels like they're asking her to be on Glee, and there are too many talented people in this competition to stop and work on everyone's insecurities. Ryan tells her to try acting something that she's not, if she comes back.

After the contenders leave, Ryan says he thinks it's clearly between two bottom contenders. They're both performers, but he doesn't know that they're both actor-singers, and that's what the show needs. Zach asks for one more week with one of them, and Ryan says 'okay.' Ryan says who he'd send home, and adds SADLY.

In the end, it's Charlie who will be going home. He says the experience has been overwhelmingly positive and he has no regrets. He shares an intimate kiss with Aylin and hugs the other contenders. Then, he tells Aylin earnestly "Nothing less than your best! You got me?." She tearfully agrees, and they kiss some more. Everyone is sobbing. In his final performance of Keep Holding On, Charlie once again adapts the tune to his own, personal style.



  • This is the first Glee Project episode where the theme does not end with the suffix "-ity."
  • In a deleted scene from the episode "Sexuality," Ali hoped that Jane would be the guest mentor that week. Source
  • This is the first episode of the season that the guest mentor doesn't portray a member of "New Directions."
  • This is the second theme that was not used in the previous season. The first being Adaptability, the third will be Romanticality and the fourth will be Actability.
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another mashup was also aired in the 6th episode (Mash Off) of Glee Season 3.
  • This marks the first time that a mashup of two songs were previously mashed up on Glee. The only other mashups were created for The Glee Project.
  • Rock Anthony appears in the music video, although he wears a football jersey and short hair as opposed to Rick "The Stick" Nelson's hockey jersey and mullet.
  • Rock Anthony's cameo marks the fifth time a cast member makes a cameo in the music video after John Ross Bowie in "Individuality", Max Adler in "Tenacity", Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins in "Individuality," and Mary Gillis as Mrs. Hagberg in "Sexuality".
  • In the promo, Michael is seen in the studio wearing the same hoodie as he did on the video of Party Rock Anthem
  • This is the first time that two mashups were done in one season first with Moves like Jaggar/Milkshake and from this epiosde with Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another. It is also the third mashup over all.
  • This is the third time this season that a glee cast member has made a cameo in the music video. The first one being Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins in "Individuality," and the second one being Mary Gillis as Mrs. Hagberg in "Sexuality".
  • For the second time, Aylin's LCP song was originally performed by Lea Michele on Glee.
  • The video was shot at Santa Monica High School (the volleyballs say samohi).

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