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Glee-ality is the finale episode of the first season of The Glee Project. The remaining four contenders will give it their all to demonstrate that they belong on the show. The final four contenders will get to the end and they will perform in a singing competition, but only one will win a dream role on Glee. The mentor from the episode was Ryan Murphy.


The final four, (Alex, Damian, Lindsay, and Samuel) savored their last homework assignment of the season together, the most awaited Don't Stop Believin'. They surprisingly perform it in front of Ryan Murphy, their last mentor. As they perform, they are suddenly stopped by Ryan questioning them of the lack of choreography. He then says he "knows who to call," and to the final four contenders' surprise, it was their friends who got eliminated. As they re-perform their number, with the group, Ryan is happier with the performance. After the performance, Ryan does not say who is the winner of the homework assignment, because he believes that it is the last episode and that they should focus more on winning.

The final performance of the original twelve was P!nk's Raise Your Glass . When the final four are called back at the auditorium to be told which songs to sing, Robert Ulrich said that they would be granted to choose their own song to sing for their final last chance performances. Lindsay chose Gimme Gimme, while Alex chose Am Changing, and cross dresses to a girl. Samuel did Jolene, while Damian did Beyond the Sea. They were watched by all of their past mentors, and their other eliminated contenders. All did an impressive job, but waiting for the result was really pressuring for the final four. Only the judges Robert Ulrich, Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Zach Woodlee are left in the auditorium. When everyone comes back, they announce the results.

Grand Winners: Damian and Samuel (received seven-episode guest-starring roles).

Runner Ups: Alex and Lindsay (received two-episode guest-starring roles).

Fan Favorite Winner: Cameron (received $10,000, a live video performance (which he chose to perform with Damian) and a recording contract).



  • In addition to the eliminated eight contenders of the first season of The Glee Project and judges, the audience also included:
    • Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes)
    • Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)
    • Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang)
    • Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang)
    • Max Adler (Dave Karofsky)
    • Dot-Marie Jones (Shannon Beiste)
    • Erik White (music video director)
    • Nikki Anders (vocal coach)
  • The final four were allowed to tell their parents about the finale but not their siblings or friends. They were only allowed to tell their parents about who was in the final four and not who won.
  • Samuel seemed to struggle the most with keeping the winner a secret, as he kept tweeting about how much he hated silence and was usually seen wearing sunglasses during interviews to hide his eyes.