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Glee-ality (Season 2)
Season 2, Episode 11
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Air date August 14, 2012
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Glee-ality is the final episode for Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show.

Guest Mentor: Chris Colfer
Homework Assignment Winner: Ali, Aylin & Blake
Winner: Blake

Fan Favorite Winner: Nellie


The remaining three contenders (Ali, Aylin and Blake) are talking about the finale week and how far they all got. They're excited, but Ali says in confessional that it's not over yet and that she's prepared to do everything to win. They're also very nervous about their final performances. In confessional, Blake says that he feels like he's dreaming. Aylin says in confessional that she's worked so hard and that she really hopes she wins. They go to the living room to wait for Robert to arrive and tell them the week's theme and the homework song. Robert finally arrives and tells them that the theme of the week is, naturally, Glee-ality. It all seems so much more real for them now. The homework assignment song is You Can't Stop The Beat from the musical Hairspray, which they're all very excited about. Robert starts to leave, but then suddenly comes back saying that, to make things easier for the last homework assignment, he invited some special back-up vocals. He leaves and the contenders are left puzzled. It turns out that the special back-up vocals are - the eliminated contenders (minus Taryn)! They come in and hug the last three. They're all so happy that their friends are back, especially Aylin who's extremely excited that her first boyfriend, Charlie, is here.

The next day, when Robert comes into the choir room he says that he's very happy that everyone's back and that the last guest mentor from Glee is the real inspiration for The Glee Project. They're all very anxious and are extremely happy when they find out that it's no other than the amazing Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee. Robert says that the reason Chris is an inspiration to The Glee Project is because he originally auditioned for the role of Artie Abrams, but he just wasn't fit for the role but still so amazing, thus Kurt Hummel was created. The contenders perform You Can't Stop The Beat with a lot of energy and happiness. At the end Chris compliments all three of them and, seeing as he can't pick the winner as they all stunned him, he picks all three. Ali is excited about this, but says this won't happen with the actual winner of the show. They all extremely excited that the song for the music video is Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. The concept of the video is a high school prom in which they all play their characters. Blake is the humble prom king, Aylin is the girl who sneaks out to prom because her parents won't let her go, and Ali is the bitchy, flirty girl. They're all extremely excited. Also, the remaining three will all be doing last chance performances and they get to pick which songs to sing.

During choreography, Zach jokes around how it took him a time to realize that they all look good as long as they aren't dancing together. Ali says that the moves aren't challenging, but she can't adapt to them because of her chair. Zach pairs her up with Michael so that he could help her out. They finish soon and Zach tells them that he loved working with them and they all engage into a group hug. Blake pushes too hard in the studio at first, but manages to do it good in the end. Aylin is doing well, but she can't memorize the lyrics. In confessional, Ali says that she had issues in choreography so she has to be fantastic in the studio, which she is. After that, the eliminated contenders come in to do their parts.

After the booth the contenders are all in the boys' dorm, talking about how much fun they had today. Then, they ask the remaining three about their session with Chris Colfer. Aylin says that he was great and so insightful. He helped them pick which songs to sing. It goes back to their session with Chris, and they tell him how nervous they are. He tells them that no matter which song they pick, they're gonna have to sing it for the rest of their life - he knows he'll be singing Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) at bar mizvas someday. At the video shoot, the mentors say how every little thing the remaining three do is going to watched and graded. Aylin is doing great, however they worry that she won't be able to take the pressure of being a role model to so many girls all over the world. After her it's Blake's turn and Robert and Zach are very proud of him and feel like he's come the farthest. However, they're worried that his not-leading-man texture might hurt him. It's Ali's turn and the mentors comment how beautiful she looks. Nikki says that Ali is the one most willing to take directions and feedback. Zach says that she is so vibrant it looks kind of forced. They start to dance but Eric, the director, stops them and says that it isn't complete and he has to bring out one more guest. They're all super anxious, and it turns out to be - Damian McGinty, the season 1 winner! They are all extremely happy as Damian gives them some advice and the video is over. The remaining three are anxious about their last chance performances. Blake says that he needs to show Ryan something he never saw, and has figured out how to do that.

During the final song selection the mentors tell them that after 11 hard weeks they've finally come to this and that this is probably the biggest prize on television. Aylin chose to sing Adele's Rolling in the Deep because it can both show her vulnerable and her star side. Ali wil sing Popular from Wicked because she thinks it'll show her character from the previous week. Blake chose I'll Be by Edwin McCain because he's connected to it and he will show what Ryan wants him to show through it. Robert says that it all depends on their performances and that they have quite the audience to impress as Ian Brennan, the co-creator and writer of Glee will be there, as well as some of the writers and cast members and their former competitors. They go to rehearse their songs.

Five minutes before the performance, everybody comes in. First up is Ali. She acts in the song and does it magnificently, impressing the crowd. Ryan tells her that he loves her optimism and her light, and Ali replies that this show changed her life. Next up is Blake. He says he's gonna show some differences tonight. He starts the performance softly with the mic in its stand, but when the song gets more lively he manages to put the mic in his hand by flipping it, wowing the crowd. His performance brings Zach to tears. Ryan asks him if the microphone thing was the thing that he never saw before, but Blake says that he just wanted to be loose. He says he wrote a poem to explain how he's different from other people. He wrote it last night. This poem makes many people cry. Next up is Aylin. The crowd completely adores her. Ryan asks "what's momma gonna think of that dress", and Aylin replies that she's seen her in worse. She then says that she can indeed take the pressure and Ryan replies that she's inspirational and that he loves her confidence.

After that, Ryan asks the Glee cast about what they think. Darren, Dianna, Grant, Michael Hitchcock and Samuel love Ali. Ali Adler adores Blake, and so do Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Erik. Meanwhile, Charlie looks worried. Then, he gives a heartfelt speech about Aylin. Amber and Damian agree with him. The only problem is that the writers and the actores are split. Everybody leaves the room, and the only people left are Ian, Ryan, Robert, Zach and Nikki. They talk about the contenders, but are extremely torn.

After a while, everybody is called back. Ryan says that it's been such a hard decision, but there is only one winner. He praises them all and then declares the winner - Blake!!! Tonight Tonight starts playing and everybody goes to hug him. He says he'll never take this for granted and that this is the best moment of his life. Aylin says that this is not the end for her, and Ali says that she's happy for the experience. This concludes the episode and the season. You can now watch Blake as Ryder on Glee, and you can also watch Ali as Betty.



  • This episode marks Chris Colfer as being a portrayer of the last member in the "original 5" (Founding members) of New Directions to guest mentor.
  • Similarly to last season's finale, the previously eliminated contenders (but not Taryn) returned for the music video.
  • Last season's co-winner Damian McGinty Jr. appeared in the music video, making him the first contender to appear in both finales' music videos and also the first contender to appear in a music video outside of his season. Although, he is not the only contender to appear in both seasons of The Glee Project as Ali Stroker - a finalist for this episode - also appeared in The Final 12 episode of the first season and Samuel Larsen appeared as a mentor in Season Two's Dance-ability.
  • Taryn Mai, however, didn't return for the finale's music video having quit in Dance-ability (Season 2). It's unclear why she did not return, as Cameron Mitchell who quit in the previous season returned for his finale.
  • Dianna Agron, Amber Riley, Samuel Larsen, Darren Criss, Damian McGinty, Chris Colfer, and Grant Gustin as well as the writers were in the audience during the final performances.
  • This episode was the 4th time Aylin's LCP was sung by Lea Michele on Glee (even though it was sung as a duet with Jonathan Groff).




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