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Hannah-Lindsay Relationship
Nickname Hansay
Intimacy Level Shared an apartment together
Status Good friends

The Hannah-Lindsay Relationship is the relationship between Lindsay Pearce and Hannah McIalwain. They are often referred to as Hansay.

Episodes With[]


  • Hannah said she'd be cool having Lindsay as he potential partner for the shoot and said their situation would be Lindsay as the pretty, popular girl with Hannah as her nerdy friend.
  • She also said she'd be fine doing it as a "girl-on-girl" situation, showing that they feel comfortable with one another.
  • Lindsay jokingly got mad at Damian for saying he'd like having Hannah as a partner, saying, "I picked Hannah!"
  • In a bonus scene, Alex and Lindsay lick whipped cream off Hannah's collarbone.
  • When they are waiting for the bottom three to return, the two girls are lying together on the couch.


  • Lindsay cried when she found out Hannah was eliminated.


  • They have said many times that they are best friends.
  • They created the Ceecee and Deedee show together.
  • They lived together.
  • They still keep in touch after TGP.
  • In her Believability blog, Lindsay writes "When I saw my name on the list, I cried and cried. Hannah became one of my closest friends on the Project and I didn't want to be without her. When I walked back into the Rec Room to see Alex, Damian and Sam, I cried my eyes out. We all did. Hannah was our rock. She was our joy. She kept us laughing at ourselves and kept us going. The guys wouldn't let me sleep in the girl's dorm after that. We all stayed in the boy's bunks. It was too empty."
  • In her Generosity blog, Lindsay writes that "Those kids were a blessing in disguise for us. We lost the joy and fun in the competition when Hannah went home, and those children were a light for us."
  • Hannah said in an interview that "During taping, Lindsay and I had our ups and downs. She can sometimes come off in the wrong way before you get to know her so things were sometimes strained between us. But since then, we have gotten a lot closer and I love her like a sister." Source
  • Hannah said in an interview "Being an adult is harder than it looks! Haha And no, [Lindsay and I] aren’t roommates anymore. But we still see each other all the time! She’s a best friend for life. : ) Source
  • Hannah tweeted about having an audition and Lindsay tweeted her "@hannahmcialwain break a leg mama!"
  • On May 27, Lindsay tweeted "Uggghhh. I have too many questions after [Chernobyl Diaries]. Thank god @hannahmcialwain is spending the night."
  • On May 28, Lindsay tweeted "Love nights out with my girl @hannahmcialwain :)"
  • On July 10, Lindsay tweeted a photo of her and Hannah at the roller rink together and captioned it "Lovelovelove."
  • Hannah tweeted about being back in LA on August 6 and Lindsay tweeted "@hannahmcialwain yayyyyy!! You're back!"
  • Lindsay tweeted about them going out for sushi just the two of them on August 9 and Hannah retweeted it, adding "Love you!"
  • Hannah tweeted something about her dog and Lindsay tweeted back "@hannahmcialwain Bahahahahaha god I love you."
  • Lindsay tweeted a picture of her and Hannah and captioned it "My sister."
  • Lindsay tweeted about dog sitting for Hannah's puppy Theodore.
  • Hannah tweeted "Here's to my one and only @lindsayhpearce #rideordie" and Lindsay tweeted back "Always, girl."
  • Lindsay tweeted "Cuz I'm a ride or die whether you fail or fly, @hannahmcialwain <3"
  • Hannah tweeted "Just walked 3 miles with. @lindsayhpearce! Now time for Boba :)" and Lindsay tweeted back "@hannahmcialwain Love you, babydoll!"
  • Lindsay tweeted "Love Skyping with my girl @hannahmcialwain while she's across the big lake in Londonnnn. Go find her, Brits!"
  • Lindsay Instagrammed a photo of them together and captioned it "Besties."
  • Hannah tweeted "Out all night with @winnieheather on an adventure! Waiting for the sun to rise at the beach :)" and Lindsay tweeted back "@hannahmcialwain best night/morning ever. Onward to more adventures today!"
  • Lindsay tweeted "Seriously guys, @hannahmcialwain is the best friend I could ever ask for. Ford tough mama bear. #rideordie" and Hannah tweeted back "@winnieheather Haha Amen!! Love ya girl :)"
  • Lindsay tweeted "@hannahmcialwain and @musicmanamc are the best people in the world. That is all I have to say. Nothing but love for them."
  • Lindsay went with Hannah to the premiere of "Stuck" (the film Hannah was in over the summer) and they both tweeted about getting ready together. About the film, Lindsay tweeted "My girl @hannahmcialwain was the best car dancer ever in that movie. Love her. Xoxo" and Hannah tweeted back "@winnieheather haha Thanks!! Loved having you there tonight :)"
  • it is shown that Hannah and Linsday is still really close, with Hannah and Lindsay always shared picture of them together respectivelly. 



  • When Lindsay was arguing with Ellis, Hannah said she thinks that Lindsay is actually mean.

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