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Season 2, Episode 1
Air date June 5, 2012
U.S. Viewers 389.000
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Individuality is the first episode for Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show.

Guest Mentor: Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy
Homework Assignment Winner: Shanna
Eliminated: Maxfield


The episode begins with all of the fourteen contenders arriving one-by-one and greeting each other as they enter 'the Glee House'. Robert Ulrich soon introduces the weeks theme as "Individuality" and their homework assignment, Born This Way. He then asks them to figure out who sings what lines, as well as create choreography. Everyone settles for their lines, and Charlie makes a big effort to choreograph. The cast is shocked when they discover that their guest mentors are both Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele. They perform Lady Gaga's Born This Way, all attempting to be themselves. Lea compliments and criticizes Dani, Shanna, Mario, and Lily Mae, with Shanna becoming victorious as this week's homework assignment winner. Shanna is awarded a one-on-one session with Lea and a shining moment in the music video. Before the commercial break, Lea informs the contenders that they will be performing Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.

Next, Zach and Brooke teach the choreography for the music video, and Brooke gives imperative advice. Shanna shows strength in the recording studio, while Taryn, Aylin, and Maxfield aren't as impressive. Nikki feels that Aylin isn't the same person as she was in the callbacks, which made the judges have her advance. Erik White, the music video director, explains that the music video is about a glee club sharing a song, which in their mind becomes a massive rock concert. While watching it, Robert feels that Taryn isn't putting forth enough effort compared to the others, and he compliments Blake's goofy side. Aylin seems disconnected, and Tyler stresses out while dancing. Maxfield is noted for blending too much into the background and not standing out enough.

Several contenders fret before the revealing of the bottom 3. Shanna is saved first and is deemed to have the best performance in the video. Next, Charlie, Ali, Michael, Blake, Abraham, Nellie, and Dani are all called back. Mario is asked to convey emotions through his body, and Lily Mae's showing just didn't "pop." These two and Taryn are called back, making Aylin, Tyler, and Maxfield the first bottom three of the season. At the Last Chance Performances, Aylin is assigned David Guetta's Without You, and she tries to redeem her spit-fire self. Aylin finds her flirty personality again, pleasing Ryan. Tyler is next, singing Jackson 5's ABC, and struggles with it deeming it a "children's song." After singing, Ryan is more impressed by his story than his talent, and doesn't think Tyler will vocally be able to keep up with anyone else. Maxfield is last with Willie Nelson's Always On My Mind. Nikki enjoys his feeling, and Ryan finds charm in his simplicity. When deciding who will leave, Ryan compares Aylin's performance to Rachel's on Glee. He is disappointed in Tyler, and considers sending both Tyler and Maxfield home, but Nikki refuses.

In the end, it's Maxfield who isn't called back, being the first of the season to be sent home. He is the first to sing Keep Holding On in season two.

In the short clip, Zach asks about Mario's cane. Mario gives Zach a quick lesson on how to use a white cane. Zach says it is interesting to "see" how Mario gets around. He says that Mario sounds like he's five feet closer than he really is. Zach thanks Mario for the interesting lesson.



  • In the music video for "Here I Go Again," Iqbal Theba makes a brief cameo appearance as Principal Figgins from Glee, making him the second star to cameo. The first being Max Adler in "Tenacity"
  • At one point, Charlie notices "the cheese lamp from season one" in the recording studio. This is a reference to Hannah McIalwain's first visit to the recording studio and saying, "Look at this light, it's got holes in it, like cheese."
  • Watched by 389,000 viewers.
  • This episode was 10 minutes longer than any normal episode, making it 54 minutes.
  • It is stated in this episode that Nikki is "glowing with her baby" said by Abraham.

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