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Keep Holding On
By: Avril Lavigne
Season One
Sung by: Bryce Ross-Johnson, Ellis Wylie, Emily Vasquez, McKynleigh Abraham, Matheus Fernandes, Marissa von Bleicken, Cameron Mitchell and Hannah McIalwain
Episode: Individuality, Theatricality, Vulnerability, Dance-ability (Season 1), Pairability, Tenacity, Sexuality, Believability and Generosity
Season Two
Sung by: Maxfield Camp, Dani Shay, Lily Mae Harrington, Charlie Lubeck, Mario Bonds, Tyler Ford, Nellie Veitenheimer, Abraham Lim, Shanna Henderson and Michael Weisman
Episode: Individuality, Dance-ability, Vulnerability, Sexuality, Adaptability, Fearlessness, Theatricality, Tenacity, Romanticality and Actability

Keep Holding On is a song originally sung by Avril Lavigne. The song was performed in every episode of season one and two, except Glee-ality. The lead vocal was always sung by the person who had been eliminated that week, with the other contenders singing back up.


There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say),
Nothing you can do (Nothing you can do)
There's no other way when it comes to the truth
(When it comes to the truth)



Keep holding on (holding on)

'Cause you know we'll make it through,
We'll make it through

Contender Versions[]

Episode Season One Contender Season One
Individuality Bryce
Theatricality Ellis
Vulnerability Emily
Dance-ability McKynleigh
Pairability Matheus
Tenacity Marissa
Sexuality Cameron
Believability Hannah
Generosity Final Four

Episode Season Two Contender Season Two
Individuality Maxfield
Dance-ability Dani
Vulnerability Lily, Charlie, Mario
Sexuality Tyler
Adaptability Mario
Fearlessness Charlie
Theatricality Nellie
Tenacity Abraham
Romanticality Shanna
Actability Michael and Lily


  • In Vulnerability (Season 2), Lily Mae, Charlie, and Mario sang Keep Holding On even though they were not eliminated.
  • In Generosity, the four remaining contenders sang the backup without anyone singing the main line since they were all called back.
  • Cameron's Keep Holding On in the episode Sexuality (Season 1) is the longest, with an extended beginning.
  • Taryn is the only contender to have not sung this song who didn't make it to the final, due to the fact that she quit the show before the music video or the homework assignment. However, due to popular demand from her fans she has released a video of her singing the Glee Project portion of this song. Source
  • Mario, Charlie and Lily Mae are the only contenders to sing Keep Holding On twice as of Actability.
  • Lily Mae and Michael are the only contenders that have not performed their version of Keep Holding On individually.
  • Keep Holding On is filmed the morning after a contender is eliminated.
  • This song is sung by the New Directions on Glee's Season One episode "Throwdown" after it is found out Quinn is pregnant.


  • Bryce and Tyler forgot to sing 'so'.
  • Charlie sang into one microphone in episode 3 of season 2. But in episode 6 of season 2 sang 'I' instead of 'you'.




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Every Season 2 Keep Holding On

Every Season 2 Keep Holding On



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