Lindsay's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Lindsay Pearce in season one of The Glee Project.

Lindsay's QuotesEdit


I’m just a kid. I have no idea who I am: I can tell you my favorite color is green, and I love musical theater and the Beatles, and I like ice cream.

—Lindsay, Interview

Marissa being eliminated was more shocking than my first slushie to the face. It made no sense. At all. I thought she was a shoe-in to win the competition, and her going home didn’t sit well with the rest of us. It was very empty in the girls’ dorm.

—Lindsay, Lindsay's Blog

They'll push one of us off and yell CUT!

—Lindsay, Glee-ality

I'm broadway girl. I rely completely on my musical theatre training and be very like WOW. YEAH. COOL. AWESOME.

—Lindsay, Theatricality

At first, I didn’t watch Glee at all. I’d heard of it, and I was kind of like, Okay, like, a show about a glee club. That’s never gonna make it!

—Lindsay, The Top 12

Did we all just win? A little bit?

—Lindsay, Glee-ality

I could stare at that guy and listen to him talk all day.

—Lindsay about Damian, Theatricality

He does this squinty, sultry gaze thing.

—Lindsay about Samuel, Believability

When I saw my name on the list, I cried and cried. Hannah became one of my closest friends on the Project and I didn’t want to be without her. When I walked back into the Rec Room to see Alex, Damian and Sam, I cried my eyes out. We all did. Hannah was our rock. She was our joy. She kept us laughing at ourselves and kept us going. The guys wouldn’t let me sleep in the girl’s dorm after that. We all stayed in the boy’s bunks. It was too empty.

—Lindsay about Hannah's Elimination., Lindsay's Believability Blog

Alex was Damian's biggest culture shock.

—Lindsay, Interview

Samuel: (To Cameron) Would it be weird if I hit on you? Lindsay: ...yes.

—Lindsay, Sexuality