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Lindsay-Marissa Relationship
Lindsay & Marissa.jpg
Nickname Von Pearce
Status Friends

The Lindsay-Marissa Relationship is the relationship between Lindsay Pearce and Marissa von Bleicken. They are often referred to as Von Pearce.

Episodes With[]

  • Lindsay can be seen laughing at her impersonation of Damian.

Vulnerability (Season 1)[]

  • Lindsay and McKynleigh comfort Marissa about changing her sign.

Tenacity (Season 1)[]

  • Lindsay doesn't even consider the fact that Marissa might be the one going home.
  • Lindsay says she feels bad for Marissa about her being in the bottom three.
  • Lindsay says she feels Marissa is still good enough to be in the competition.
  • Lindsay was upset when she found out Marissa was eliminated.


  • They hung out even after The Glee Project ended.
  • In her Tenacity (Season 1) blog, Lindsay writes "Marissa being eliminated was more shocking than my first slushie to the face. It made no sense. At all. I thought she was a shoe-in to win the competition, and her going home didn't sit well with the rest of us. It was very empty in the girls’ dorm."
  • Marissa tweeted about having Lindsay visit her.
  • A fan asked Marissa if she shipped "Von Pearce" on Twitter and Marissa replied "@Sammierdx Love you back! :) I ship it, sure lol. I almost picked Lindsay as my partner for parability!!!"
  • Marissa posted "Home is wherever I'm with you. <3" on Facebook and Lindsay liked it.
  • Lindsay tweeted "The best people in the world. My heart belongs to them completely." and added a photo that had Marissa in it.
  • Lindsay tweeted "MarissavonB_TGP is the sweetest girl. Thanks for letting me stay up with you and watch Nip/Tuck and The Cleveland Show. So funny!"
  • A fan asked Lindsay on Twitter about her friendship with Marissa and she tweeted back "@HiImYourFan Marissa is a dear. I'm lucky to call her a friend."
  • A fan asked Lindsay on Twitter about how she felt about Marissa almost picking her as a Pairability partner and she tweeted back "She did. Haha I remember that. She is a force to be reckoned with."
  • Hannah tweeted about waiting for Marissa's flight to arrive in LA and Lindsay tweeted back "Ahhhh I can't wait to see her!"


  • Lindsay said her best friends were Hannah and Damian.
  • Marissa said she was very close to Alex.