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Mario Bonds, better known as Arnauz, is a contender on the second season of The Glee Project. He was eliminated during the fifth episode, Adaptability.


Mario (Arnauz), a singer/song writer, has been performing in school concerts, gospel and chamber choirs, and at Washington DC area churches for nine years. He was born with Morning Glory Syndrome, which ultimately caused him to go totally blind at the age of nine. Despite his disability, he can also dance, act, and play the piano, guitar and drums. When Mario, a triplet, was an infant, his mother passed away. With his father out of the picture, his grandmother took him and his siblings in. Mario attended several different schools, due to moving around a lot, and at each school he attended, he did everything he could to assimilate with sighted students. He believes music has healing powers, and his love for the performing arts sustained him through the tough times. Mario does motivational speaking, comedy, impersonations and is a voice-over artist. He dreams of publishing his autobiography and landing a recording contract. Mario originally auditioned for The Glee Project online and at the New York City open casting call. 


  • He speaks Spanish fluently. Source
  • He has 8 siblings. Of the nine, there are two sets of twins, two single-born, and one set of triplets. Mario is a triplet with two sisters, Marcheta and Marcelita.
  • He plays the piano and guitar.
  • He became very frightened when Charlie took his cane away, during the Everybody Hurts music video staging. However, there are no hard feelings, as he stated in his Deadbolt interview that "Charlie and I interact extremely well. I’m a huge fan of Charlie’s voice. I think he’s fascinating."
  • He is the first contender to sing "Keep Holding On" twice, the second contender being Charlie, and third being Lily Mae.
  • He has a seeing eye dog named Sidney.
  • His favorite dessert is Creme Brûlée.
  • He was bullied for being black, blind, having "a big butt" and "speaking eloquently" as a child, according to a bullying article in the Huffington Post.
  • He is a professionally trained singer.
  • Mario was edited to sound arrogant, similarly to how Lindsay and Lily Mae were purposefully portrayed as self-centered and obnoxious.
  • He says that the TGP cast nicknamed him "Mar." Source
  • He says that he, Lily and Blake were "like the three Stooges." Source
  • He lives with roommate, best friend, and one of his biggest supporters: Vinson Young.
  • He loves Chris Brown, Adele, and Michael Jackson.
  • He says that as his eyesight weakened, his hearing became exceptionally heightened. Source
  • His mother died of a brain aneurysm when he was 5 months old. Source
  • He went to Suitland High School.
  • He graduated from George Mason University in 2010 with a degree in journalism.
  • Bonds was working as a program assistant for the U.S. Department of Transportation when he learned about The Glee Project opportunity from Michele Weil, the retired Fairfax County teacher and mobility instructor who helped Bonds learn to navigate as a blind person.
  • He recently reunited with his father, Norman, in June after not seeing the man since he was taken to jail when Mario was eight.
  • Bonds was honored by Imagination Stage at their Just Think! Creativity is Possibility 2012 Gala on October 20 at the company's theater. The purpose of the gala was to "spotlight creativity and provide an occasion to celebrate and honor those who ignite young imaginations."
  • He said in his Glee-ality YouTube video that although he loved each of the top three, he was rooting for Blake.
  • He quit his job for The Glee Project.
  • He is the last contestant in Season Two of the Glee Project to be eliminated without winning a homework assignment.


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Solos (In Duets)[]

Solos (In a group number)[]

Season 2


Homework Assignment

Music Video

The Final 14 N/A The Edge of Glory
Individuality Born This Way Here I Go Again
Dance-ability We Got The Beat Party Rock Anthem
Vulnerability My Life Would Suck Without You Everybody Hurts
Sexuality I Wanna Sex You Up Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake
Adaptability You Oughta Know Price Tag


Episode 1 2 3 4 5

IN   The contender was not at risk of elimination.
 LOW  The contender was at risk for being in the bottom three.
 RISK  The contender was at risk of being eliminated.
 OUT  The contender was eliminated.

Call Back Order[]

Episode 1 2 3 4 5
Mario 9th 6th 11th 3rd OUT

Homework Pogress[]

Episode 1 2 3 4 5

NC    The contender had no comments from the mentor.
 HIGH  The contender impressed the mentor, but was not chosen as the Homework Assignment Winner.





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