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Matalex is a fictional relationship between Matheus and Alex.

Episodes With[]

Theatricality (Season 1)[]

  • When Alex wins the HW, Matheus grabs his shoulders and seems excited for him.
  • When the group is discussing the bottom three, Alex agrees with Lindsay that Matheus is worth a second chance and should be called back.


  • It was the first relationship to be given a name.
  • They were partners for Need You Now.
  • After Alex gets mad at Matheus (after their high-note duel), Matheus says "Alex, you know I love you..."
  • Matheus gets upset when Alex continues to act cold to him and even cries about it.


  • In his Individuality (Season 1) blog, Matheus writes " To me, the one who stood out the most so far is Alex. He is really true to who he is as a person, which also makes me think that he's our biggest competition at this point. Darren liked us both during our performances of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," and Alex has an incredible voice!"
  • In his Theatricality (Season 1) blog, Matheus writes "Though I didn’t win the homework assignment, I was still very honored that Alex and I were the ones who stood out the most to her. That on its own is already fulfilling for me. Theater is one of Alex's main passions, so I would've picked him as well. He deserved it :)."
  • In his Pairability blog, Matheus writes "Once we performed it, I was actually quite pleased with the performance Alex and I gave" and " Do not get me wrong, I really love Alex. But I was fed up with some the condescending things he'd say or do. I personally think he has the best vocals out of all of us, hands down" and " The possibility of [Alex] leaving me because of the things I told Ryan hurt me so much and I didn’t want him to leave in those terms."
  • Alex said in a TvGuide interview about his fight with Matheus that "He’s apologized, and I’ve apologized for the things I had and hadn’t said."
  • Matheus tweeted "Happy Birthday to the diva of our gen, @ANew92! Love ya! Hope to see u soon. :-)" and posted photos from Alex's 2012 birthday party.




  • They have a fight over who can hit the highest note.
  • Alex calls Matheus "cocky."
  • It was difficult for Matheus to act like he was in love with Alex for the HWA in Pairability, Need You Now.