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Michael-Lily Relationship
Nickname Mily
Intimacy Level Kissed Twice
Status Friends, one-sided crush (on Lily's part)

The Michael-Lily Relationship is a fictional relationship between Michael Weisman and Lily Mae Harrington. They are known as Mily and Lichael.

Episodes with

Dance-ability (Season 2)

  • Lily confirmed in a radio interview that she kissed Michael during the spin the bottle scene but it was cut from the video. (She said he is a "very good kisser...he knows what he's doing." in her interview with KingMac radio.)
  • Michael smiles and laughs when Lily is grooving during choreography.

Vulnerability (Season 2)

  • While waiting for vocals, Lily and Michael sit extremely closely on the couch together.

Sexuality (Season 2)

  • During the Milkshake bonus video, they sit very close together and both make faces when Charlie starts to sing.


  • When they are walking out of the room after being deemed safe, Lily grabs Michael's hand and jumps up and down excitedly.


Tenacity (Season 2)

  • When Lily is singing too loud during group vocals, Michael doesn't laugh at her or make faces like the other contenders; he doesn't react at all. This could possibly be because he knew calling attention to it would make her feel bad.


  • They are paired together for the music video.
  • They kiss during We Found Love.
  • They go on a "date" to get more comfortable with each other.
  • Both are called back, showing they did well together.
  • Lily hugs Michael when she is called back with Ali.
  • The mentors say at the shoot they play well off one another.
  • Michael does extremely well in the booth with Lily there, despite the fact that he has struggled in that area numerous times during the competition.
  • In the bonus video where the group is in choreography, Michael says he and Lily are "kinda cute sometimes" and he thinks they can "definitely ratchet up the passion and the lust, so, we'll play with it."
  • Lily says that they "have a new place in their hearts for each other" after this episode.


  • While rehearsing Addicted To Love, she and Michael flirt with each other (this blocking is changed during the HWA once the twist in introduced.)
  • In the bonus video, Lily and Michael do an improv scene together.
  • They hug and leave the room holding hands when they are not called back.
  • They sit next to each other on the couch when Robert is informing the group about the week.

Glee-ality (Season 2)

  • They sit together for the LCPs.
  • They are hugging/holding each other during the part before Ryan announces the winner.
  • They groove to Blake's LCP together.


  • When Vulnerability aired, Michael tweeted "Lily Mae is killing it right now." (about her LCP.)
  • Before Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "It was really great working with Lily Mae Harrington. Can't wait to see the episode!"
  • Lily tweeted the We Found Love video and added "I found love with @mfweisman by far my favorite video!"
  • Before Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "Had so much fun with Lily Mae on this shoot and absolutely love the way that the video turned out."
  • When Romanticality aired, Michael tweeted "Lily and I ended up working really well together. We had so much fun on set."
  • Lily said that Michael told her she was a better kisser then Nellie (whereas on an interview with a radio show he said Nellie was the better kisser).
  • Michael said in his "Romanticality" blog that "Having Lily in the booth with me was really relaxing and let me focus on just emoting in the song" and " Lily and I worked really well together...I think my biggest challenge was being romantic with Lily, since we were just such good friends and never had really thought of each other in a romantic way. So it was definitely an exercise in acting, but luckily we had developed a trust that let us explore in confidence."
  • Michael tweeted "Rockin the red carpet with Lily Mae Harrington. So much fun!"
  • Lily said in the reunion show "Coming back to the finale [so soon after being eliminated] was really difficult; Michael really helped me. I wouldn’t have made it through that week without Michael."

Episodes Against


  • Lily and Michael both kiss various other contenders in the Music Video.


  • In the Music Video, Michael is shown being sexy with Shanna and Lily is seducing Blake.
  • They do not flirt with each other during I Wanna Sex You Up, despite many opportunities to do so.


  • Liy says in the confessional that she doesn't think Michael wants it as much as the other contestants and remarks that, despite getting the same note over and over again during HWAs, he has yet to make a change.


  • Michael didn't look at Lily for the HWA pairing, and he was paired up with Shanna instead.
  • Lily wanted to be paired up with Blake.
  • In a bonus video, Lily tells the girls that she and Michael have a strong friendship but it's not romantic.
    • Also, both admitted that they were worried about doing well in the video.


  • Michael said in KingMac radio interview that what he and Lily have is more like a bromance.
    • Michael also said Nellie was a better kisser than Lily.
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