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Michael-Nellie Relationship
Michael and nellie.png
Nickname Michellie
Intimacy Level Kissed during the Party Rock Anthem music video
Status Best Friends,
Band mates,

The Michael-Nellie Relationship is the relationship between Michael Weisman and Nellie Veitenheimer. They are often referred to as Michellie or Weisenheimer.

Episodes With[]

Casting Special[]

  • In the background of Robert's office, their pictures are hung side by side, right next to each other.
  • Nellie asks Michael if he auditioned online. They briefly share a friendly dialogue.
  • They are also shown sitting near each other while Robert is talking about the auditions to all of the contenders.


  • In the HWA Michael is seen looking at Nellie during her performance.


  • Michael is seen during the Party Rock Anthem Music Video, kissing Nellie more than once.
  • This action is shown throughout the music video.
  • Michael and Nellie are seen touching faces and noses.
  • Michael and Nellie are seen dancing together most of the shoot.
  • During the end of the music video shoot, Michael is laying on Nellie's lap, while she sprinkles chips and he dances.
  • Throughout the episode, Michael and Nellie are seen sitting next to each other, with Nellie occasionally laying on Michael.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Michael is seen chuckling when Shanna points out that Nellie holds her cup weird.
  • Michael and Nellie are seen talking in the kitchen with Abraham, and Nellie seems nervous around Michael, in a flirtatious way.


  • When Nellie is announced back on the callback list, Michael claps and watches her leave.
  • During Choreography, Michael and Nellie are seen exchanging glances.
  • In the background of the music video shoot, when the boys line up and approach the girls Michael goes up to Nellie.
  • There's a scene in the HWA where Michael seduces Nellie


  • During Price Tag, Michael and Nellie are shown dancing together, with his arm is around her.
  • When Michael sings his line during the video, he gestures towards Nellie.


  • When Nellie was preparing for her LCP she said that she was smiling before she was told what song she would be singing because she was happy that Michael was called back as she thought that he deserved it.
  • In the music video, when all the contenders lined up facing each other (after Abraham's part), Nellie and Michael faced each other and got to slushie one another.


  • When Nellie was saying goodbye to everyone she shared a very sweet hug with Michael and you could tell that he did not want her to go
  • He also cried during her KHO performance.

Off Set[]

  • Michael and Nellie did their video diary's about Adaptability and Fearlessness week together.
  • They roadtripped to LA together.
  • During their road trip, according to Nellie's tweet, they went to a Foster the People concert together.
  • They flew kites on the beach together, according to their tweets.
  • They went to Six Flags Magic Mountain along with Blake, Charlie, Abraham, and Shanna.
  • According to their tweets, they went to the La Brea Tar Pits in LA together and played Frisbee on National Kiss Day.
  • Nellie posted a picture of Michael on Instagram.
  • Michael and Nellie hang out together.
  • On Nellie's tumblr she wrote a letter about her elimination and, in the one written to Michael, she said that she was glad she was out before him, as she did not know how she could survive in the crazy house without him. Take a look
  • During part of the "Behind the Scenes 2" video, Michael and Nellie sit close together on the couch and she laughs at his fake accent. (video starts around 1:11)
  • They sitting next to each other at dinner based on this photo
  • In her "Fearlessness" blog, Nellie wrote "I remember watching Michael during the shoot and being in awe of how far he has pushed himself to stand out. He had similar critiques up to that point and all I could think during the shoot was THAT'S what I need to strive for."
  • In Michael's "Theatricality" blog, he wrote "When I found out Nellie was going home, I was really bummed out. She remains one of my best friends on the show. We got along really well and helped each other through the bizarre world of this competition. I hated seeing her go and was pretty frustrated with Ryan and the mentors, but I know that Nellie has a lot coming her way. I hope to collaborate with her in the future."
  • On an interview for King Mac Radio, Michael stated Nellie was the better kisser between her and Lily.
  • They ate breakfast together at Charlie's Coffee Shop.
  • They did an interview together for King Mac Radio.
  • Michael's cousin and her friends drew a picture of him with the word "King." He tweeted #iamthekingbaby. The next day Nellie tweeted that they made one for her too, and that Michael's cousin still had frosting on her face. She also mentioned #iamthequeenbaby. This suggests that they stayed together overnight.
  • When they did the King Mac Radio interview together, one of the interviewers asked "If both of you were single, could there be a romance between you two?" and then Michael simply replied "You'll have to stay tuned to find out!" and a shocked Nellie replied "Oh my god!."
  • When the interviewer asked to Michael about Lily's reaction to his last answer about the better kisser, Michael said "One way to settled this, we're all three of us should do a kiss off, we have to have crazy make out session, and figure out which one of you two better kisser."
  • During their interview together, one of the interviewers asked about them doing a duet together and Michael said "Well you know we're going to be living in..." and there is awkward silence, probably hinted that they will moving in together soon, as Nellie stated in her twitter she will move from Tyler and Abraham to her own place, and Michael is moving to LA.
  • In Michael's trivia, it says Michael's favorite colors are hazel and fuchsia. Apparently, Nellie's eye color is hazel.
  • Both of their final last chance performances (Nellie - I'm the Only One Michael - Girls Just Want To Have Fun) were sung on Glee episode, Season 3 Episode 7, I Kissed a Girl.
  • They went to the MTV Video Music Award 2012 together. Source
  • They are playing together as a band and have posted a cover on YouTube. Source
  • They are performing together at the "All of the Lights" concert, along with Abraham and Cameron.
  • They have recently started a band together called, "Far and Away"Far and Away Official Website
  • Nellie and Michael have a podcast show every Wednesday 4pm PST for Far and Away Podcast. Lily Mae and Charlie Lubeck has appear in one of the episode as a guest star. 
  • Nellie and Michael had a show together for the first time in Pig n Whistle.


  • Michael tweeted "I felt really bad about spitting spit balls at Nellie, but we had a really good time." during Vulnerability week.
  • Michael tweeted that he was watching Sexuality with Nellie.
  • Recently, Nellie released her new single, Lights. Michael response with his tweet "Lights! Listen, buy, love. @nellielisabeth"
  • Michael tweeted a blurry picture of Nellie taken from his cellphone. Source
  • Ryan Murphy tweeted "@ChloeFgfg @mfweisman @nellielisabeth I truly adore Nellie and Michael. I have to do something with them both..."
  • Michael tweeted "#MichellieonGlee? #MichellieonGlee."
  • Nellie also tweet a picture of her and Michael before the VMA. "@nellielisabeth: Pre VMAs. 'Twas quite the lovely evening. Would have been nice to have more pics, but alas. Phone problems all around" source
  • Michael tweeted "Breaking bad has completely taken over my life. #notashamed" and Nellie commented ."@mfweisman You're welcome. #takingallthecredit"
  • Nellie tweeted "Stoked to go see @mfweisman play blues in Santa Barbara at Carillo Rec center with Henry Gray. He's gon' kill it."
  • After the show, Nellie tweeted "Amazing, as expected. Can't wait for you guys to finally see @mfweisman play the guitar. He kills."
  • Michael and  Nellie Went Together to DC.  



  • Nellie also kisses Mario, Blake, and Aylin.
  • Michael also kisses Shanna.


  • Michael is seen bullying Nellie.


  • Michael is directed to seduce Shanna during Choreography for the music video, and they share a scene together.
  • In choreography, Nellie was supposed to seduce Blake in the music video.
  • Blake also seduces Nellie during the homework assignment.


  • Blake and Nellie are paired together in a LCP, much to the enthusiasim of the mentors.


  • In Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another music video, once again Blake and Nellie can be seen engaging in a scene romantically until Michael throws slushies on both of them, disturbing the moment.
  • Blake comforts Nellie when she expresses her concern about wearing a bathing suit.