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Michael-Shanna Relationship
Michael Shanna.png
Nickname Henderman
Status Friends/ Kissed Twice

The Michael-Shanna Relationship is the fictional relationship between Michael Weisman and Shanna Henderson. They are known to be called Michaelanna, Mina, or Henderman

Episodes With[]

Individuality (Season 2)[]

  • When Shanna is declared the HW winner, Michael puts his hand on her shoulder.
  • When Shanna sings her part in Born This Way, Michael seems to glance at her backside. see here

Dance Ability[]

  • In the Party Rock Anthem video, Michael and Shanna are seen kissing while playing Spin The Bottle.

Vulnerability (Season 2)[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Shanna points out that Nellie is holding her cup weird, Michael is seen chuckling.
  • In Everybody Hurts, Michael is also portrayed by a person who might have said something to Shanna which is a cheerleader in the shoot.

Sexuality (Season 2)[]

  • When the group is blocking I Wanna Sex You Up, Michael and Shanna are flirting with one another see here
  • They also flirt (very little) during the performance of I Wanna Sex You Up.
  • In the Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake video, Michael's interest was Shanna.
  • When the reveal of the Bottom Three was occurring, they were both the last people standing.
  • When Michael and the other Bottom Three were leaving to see who was not in the callback list, Shanna and Michael were seen hugging.


  • In the Price Tag video, Shanna was patting Michael's head and helping him remove his tie.


  • They hold hands while being slushied (as seen in this photo)


  • Michael and Shanna are paired together during the Homework Assignment, More Than Words. They chose each other.
  • They kissed in the HW Assignment.
  • Michael say he thinks their performance in the HWA was realistic.


  • Shanna said in a blogtv that she calls Michael “Fitzy” because of a scene they were acting out for fun where that was his character's name. Michael called her "Sally" during the scene, so that's his nickname for her.
  • In Michael's backstory video, he and Shanna are seen practicing choreography together.
  • Michael tweeted "Wow what a shocking end to the episode. Such an incredible talent" and "I'm bummed that Shanna and I got negative feedback because I thought that we were very realistic. #TheGleeProject" after Romanticality aired.
  • A picture was tweeted where Shanna sticks her head up Michael's t-shirt and smiles.
  • Shanna tweeted "@mfweisman I miss you and your brother!" and Michael tweeted back "@ShannaHenderson we miss you too!!"
  • Shanna tweeted a picture of herself kissing Michael on the cheek.
  • Michael stated in his Romanticality blog that "When I found out Shanna was going home I was definitely shocked. She has just an incredible voice and always delivers. We were really close and I was sad to see her go. It was bizarre to watch her leave, I felt like she still deserved to be on the show, but I know she left feeling confident in her ability and excited for the future." He also wrote "I think that Shanna and I worked well together in the homework assignment. We spent a long time trying to make sure that what we were doing was natural and came from our real experiences. I like what we came up with and I am glad that she was my partner."
  • In a BlogTV video with Abraham and Tyler, Shanna said "I think it's cool when people ship me and Michael, it's funny" and says "I love Michael!"
  • Shanna wrote in a Tumblr post "Michael: Little brother or Fitzy! You were one of the first guys I met. I will always remember our conversations, but especially the first one I had with you and Max at the JACC. Our first time there. You are such a good listener and when you speak you are always so engaging and offering such amazing wisdom. You always made me forget you age in the best way. You might have been the youngest, but I truly think you were one of the wisest. I also loved hearing you play guitar. You are captivating on that thing. You taught me to listen more, speak less, and truly be present. Thank you."
  • Shanna tweeted "Reasons why tonight is amazing:1. @mfwiesman is in town 2. @maxfieldcamp is dressed like a true cowboy and"
  • Shanna tweeted "@mfweisman it was wonderful seeing you! You and @maxfieldcamp be safe tomorrow!! #prayers"

Episodes Against[]

Dance Ability[]

  • Michael is seen kissing Nellie.
  • Shanna is seen kissing Blake.


  • Michael is paired up with Lily Mae in We Found Love, and Shanna is paired with Aylin.
  • Shanna thought Michael was very hard to work with in the homework assignment and thought he should have been in the bottom 3 instead of her.


  • Shanna said in a BlogTV with Tyler and Abraham that she doesn't like calculus.