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Season 2, Episode 9
Air date July 31st, 2012
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Romanticality is an episode from the Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show. This is the ninth episode of season two and aired on July 31, 2012.

Guest Mentor: Darren Criss
Homework Assignment Winner: Blake
Eliminated: Shanna


The episode opens with the contenders trying to guess what the theme and song will be. They are thinking that Pairability hasn't yet been done, and since there are an even number of contenders left, this would be the most likely week. The contenders are all feeling competitive and note that it's close to the end. Michael doesn't want to sound cocky, but he's proud of how far he's come, and he wants to beat Blake. Robert comes into the room to tell them the theme is Romanticality, and the song for the homework assignment is More Than Words by Extreme. They'll be accompanied on guitar by Nuno Bettencourt. Lily admits to having a crush on Blake, and she thinks everyone does. They all decide that they're going to do it in couples, and look at the person they want to do it with, but there's an awkward moment when Lily looks to each of the guys and neither looks back at her, so she ends up with Aylin. During practice, they secretly agree to kiss. Shanna is worried about being paired with Michael because he usually gets negative feedback. In the choir room we learn that Robert lost his virginity to the song More Than Words.

Darren Criss comes in as mentor. Aylin is excited about him because he's so good looking and sings well. After they sing their parts, Darren provides feedback. He feels that Shanna and Michael are a bit stiff, and Aylin and Lily overplay the scene and are too melodramatic. Shanna is unhappy to hear this, as it's her first negative criticism, and she seems to blame Michael for not really using her or playing off her as a scene partner. For Ali and Blake he has nothing but positive notes about their acting and understated performance that is very sweet and real. He chooses Blake as homework assignment winner. The prize is that Blake gets to choose his partner for the music video. He chooses Ali because they are doing well together. Darren then pairs up Lily and Michael and Aylin and Shanna. Lily is a little unhappy that Blake didn't choose her because she feels there is a spark between them, but with Michael she feels just friendship. The song for the music video will be We Found Love by Rihanna. Ali is pleased with this because she loves that song and knows the chorus -- "who doesn't?" she says.

Brooke is at choreography practice this week, since Zach is needed on the scripted show (Glee). She helps the couples get more comfortable together. Later we see that in order to get even more comfortable with one another, Lily and Michael plan a dinner date in the dorm, where Michael plays guitar and sings her a song he wrote (two lines, one of which hints at their maybe kissing tomorrow).

Vocals with Nikki are surprising this week. She has the contenders come in in couples and sing their parts while looking at one another. Aylin has a couple of tries to get it, and Shanna needs an uncharacteristic number of tries to get her part down. When Ali and Blake enter, she asks Ali to do her part first, which she does wonderfully while looking at Blake. Ali and Nikki both conjecture that looking at Blake was helpful to her performance. When Blake tries his part, however, he just can't seem to harmonize. He admits to Nikki that he hasn't done much harmonizing, and she says later that she feels she's found his weakness and she is worried because there is a lot of harmonizing in Glee. Finally, Michael and Lily come in, and she is quite worried that Michael will have trouble because of his history of difficulties in recording vocals. He surprises her by doing an excellent job. Lily, she feels, has become a great studio singer.

At the video shoot, Erik and the other mentors are very impressed with the job that Lily and Michael are doing acting the romantic scene. They explain that she is usually big and brassy, and he is usually casual and quiet, but they do a good job of playing off each other. The mentors are likewise pleased with Blake and Ali's performance. Ali explains that it's important to her that he take her out of the chair because she wants to show disabled teens that they can be sexy. When they get to Aylin and Shanna, though, they just feel that the chemistry is off, and they're concentrating too much on the choreography. They tell Aylin and Shanna that they want more cat-and-mouse, and less two girls swing dancing, but their performance after the note is only a little better. The mentors are having trouble choosing a bottom three at this point, because everyone is so good and everyone has a little something that could put him or her in the bottom. They contemplate putting both Blake and Michael in the bottom—Blake for his struggles with harmonizing and Michael for his repeated note in the homework assignment.

The mentors reveal the bottom three. Lily Mae and Ali are called back first. They did an excellent job in the vocal booth, and they are both praised for their acting. They hug their partners before leaving the stage, holding hands. Shanna, Aylin, Michael and Blake are low and receive notes about lack of chemistry and making it look like a dance, in the cases of Aylin and Shanna, about lack of harmonizing in Blake's case, and about repeated negative notes from mentors on homework assignments, in Michael's case. Michael is called back, although he's warned that they are concerned that he's received the same negative notes from several different guest mentors, so independent eyes are seeing the same flaws in his performance. When Shanna realizes she is in the bottom three she begins to cry, and the mentors are concerned, but she wipes her eyes. Blake's last chance performance will be Losing My Religion by R.E.M. Aylin's will be The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack. Shanna says she's jealous of that song, and Aylin wonders why because she doesn't know it. Shanna's song will be What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson.

Before doing their last chance performances, we hear that all of the contenders are surprised at the bottom three and concerned about the competition. They feel that they are the top three contenders.

The first last chance performance is Aylin with be The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. The mentors explain that Aylin had trouble making the lesbian scene work. After Aylin finishes, Zach praises her singing, but Ryan says that he couldn't get into the song because "YOU FORGOT THE WORDS," which she had flubbed a line and a half. He then asks her about how her mother and other relatives will feel when they see her kissing boys and girls. She says her mom will just say "It's acting!" But, her relatives in Turkey will probably not be speaking with her again. They then discuss what a role model she could be to Muslim girls who aren't represented anywhere on television, and never see anyone who looks like them on t.v. Ryan wants to know if she will have a problem with the backlash, but she assures him that she is tough, and it won't bother her.

Next up is Blake with Losing My Religion. Before Blake comes on stage, Ryan says he's concerned that Blake is a little too perfect and not nervous or vulnerable, although Zach protests and says that Blake's "sensitive." When Blake comes out on stage he is immediately, visibly nervous., and this surprises everyone. He still manages to sing his song well, but remains nervous afterwards. Ryan asks him if he feels he should have been in the bottom three, and Blake says "yes."

When Shanna comes out for her last chance performance, the other mentors explain to Ryan that Shanna is probably their top contender and best girl, and that he hasn't seen her yet because she has done well all competition long. He asks why she's there, and the mentors explain that she tends to go very sunshiny and Disney as a default demeanor. She sings What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) with words that have been altered. When he asks afterwards how she feels about her performance, she says that she pretty much didn't sing any of the same words, but she was happy with how it sounded. He then asks her what role she sees herself playing on Glee, and she says "that very athletic girl who is involved in everything." Ryan points out that he has a good idea of distinct characters for some of the other girls in the competition. In the end, he asks whether she believes Michael should have been in the bottom three instead of her. She says "yes," because she feels he has had the same negative note over and over and has not changed. Nikki says she admires her for having the guts to say that, and Ryan tells her if she wants to stay in the competition she's got to show him more of that—the tough, country girl.

After the last contender leaves, the mentors discuss who should go home. It's a tough decision because they're all good. Ryan says that based on this performance, Blake could go home now, but then he's also worried about Shanna not being any clear character. In the end, they seemed to be mixed, with Ryan agreeing with Zach and disagreeing with Nikki.

When we see the contenders' reactions to the callback list, Blake is quite happy to be called back, but Aylin starts to cry. Still, it is Shanna who wasn't called back. She says in her final confessional that she's returning home with her suitcase and literally $20 in her pocket, but she will make it happen for her, anyway. She hugs the other contenders and sings her Keep Holding On.


  • This is the third theme that was not used in the previous season. The first was Adaptability, and the second was Fearlessness.
  • Iqbal Theba makes his second cameo on a Music Video, the first one being on Individuality's Here I Go Again.
  • This is the second time the top six are paired in the music video and also the second time two contenders of the same sex are paired. The first was Sexuality, and two contenders were Alex and Samuel.
  • Unlike Pairability's HWA; Need You Now, the contenders got to pick who they wanted to sing with for this HWA; More Than Words.
  • This is the first time in the second season that Zach is absent for choreography, which happened more often in the first season.
  • This is the third time Aylin sang a song which was sung by Lea Michele for her LCP. This is the first time that it was a group number from Lea and not a solo.
  • Iqbal Theba posted a photo of him with the remaining contenders on March 14. The photo was taken on March 9, as the contenders were wearing their clothes from the music video. When the photo got attention as a spoiler he took it down, Maxfield and Charlie were then brought in to take a photo with Iqbal Theba and Blake wearing the same clothing. This was then tweeted, and made it look as though the first photo was not a spoiler. Theba was then inserted into the footage of the Here I Go Again music video to make it plausible that he took the photos when he was in the music video during the first week. (see Here I Go Again 0:59 to 1:06 for inserted portion featuring Lily and Blake with Iqbal Theba. Theba is in the video for 2 seconds.)
  • As of this episode, all the contenders have performed at least one Last Chance Performance (aside from Taryn), who quit.


  • When Aylin said her confessional at the very beginning of the episode, her credits said she was Ali, 24, New York, New York instead of Aylin, 19, Chicago, Illinois.





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