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Season 1, Episode 7
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Sexuality is the seventh episode in series one of The Glee Project, a spinoff in which young hopefuls compete for a seven episode guest star role on Glee. Mark Salling (Noah Puckerman) and Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes) guest mentor. Cameron is pushed out of his comfort zone during the Teenage Dream video shoot.

Guest Mentor: Mark Salling and Ashley Fink
Homework Assignment Winner: Samuel
Quit: Cameron


During the homework assignment, the contestants sing 'Like a virgin' in front of guest judges Mark Salling and Ashley Fink. Samuel wins, because he conveyed sexual chemistry with both male and female contestans. They are told the music video is going to be 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry. For this performance the group will be paired up.

  • Alex and Samuel - In a garage during a jam session.
  • Lindsay and Damian - A Cheerio and a jock in a bedroom.
  • Hannah and Cameron - In a kitchen, having a flirty foodfight.

Despite Samuel winning the HWA, Lindsay and Damian had more screentime during the music video than he did with his partner, Alex. Damian and Lindsay are partners during the video shoot. They share an unscripted kiss, which causes Hannah to become jealous. Cameron keeps his moral values throughout the episode, refusing to kiss Hannah when he is asked to, and Hannah worries it will hurt her in the competition as she is his partner. Samuel is worried that his and Alex's sexuality would be troublesome during the shoot, but his dedication saves him. Alex is acting over the top during the music video.

Alex, Cameron, and Damian find themselves in the bottom three.

Cameron quits, but Ryan calls him back. His decision to quit saves the original person who wasn't going to be called back, Damian. Cameron crosses Damian's name off of the "Not Called Back" list and puts his own name. He sings Keep Holding On, however, his performance was longer than the other performances.


Call Back List[]

Called Back
Not Called Back
Damian - saved
Cameron - quit