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Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date June 26, 2012
U.S. Viewers 640.000
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Sexuality is the fourth episode for Season Two of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a guest starring role on the show. It aired on Oxygen June 26 at 10:00pm.

Guest Mentor: Naya Rivera
Homework Assignment Winner: Charlie
Eliminated: Tyler


The episode begins with Robert congratulating Charlie, Mario, and Lily Mae for all three of them being called back for the next week. After that, he tells the group this episode's theme, Sexuality. Some of the contenders cheer, while others, don't seem as excited. Aylin says in confessional that she's ecstatic, but the Muslim religion is so strict that she worries that her family won't be too happy. Robert announces that the homework assignment will be I Wanna Sex You Up. When Robert asks if anyone is nervous, Nellie raises her hand immediately, and says in confessional that she has basically no sexual experience and has never seen a man naked. In his confessional, Michael says that he's comfortable with his sexuality and considers himself fairly experienced, but he thinks math is sexy and he's only 18.

Mario is silent while the contenders select their lines. He says in confessional that last week he was specifically told that he was turning the mentors off and that the way he talks can come off as arrogant. While blocking, the contenders joke about how they need to start being sexy, and Aylin responds that she never turns that off. Lily Mae notes in confessional that she thinks Aylin is sexy, but she pushes it way too hard. Shanna confesses that sexuality to her is just having a big smile on her face and working it. Tyler's confessional is that it's difficult for him to get into the week's theme because he's so early on in his transition.

In the choir room, everyone compliments Abraham's black hair, which Tyler helped him to dye. Abraham says in confessional that he feels confident and masculine with his new hair color. Robert next introduces Naya Rivera as this week's mentor. Mario says in confessional that Naya Rivera is the sexiest person on Glee, and says "She's so sexy I can see it!." Naya tells them "confidence is sexy," and "less is more." After the contenders perform I Wanna Sex You Up, Naya tells Blake that he has the look, but should stick with being playful since that's how he's sexiest. To Aylin, she says she started with a fierce pose, but it became too much (Lily Mae gives a knowing look). She compliments Charlie's performance, especially the sexy beat-boxing. She also asks Nellie if she was nervous and encourages her to be more confident. For the winner, she chooses Charlie, who then goes into a confessional saying "all Charlie's thinking is 'whaaaat? Naya Rivera thinks I'm sexy!" while doing a decidedly unsexy little dance in his chair. The song for the video shoot will be a mash-up of Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake that turns into a boys vs. girls sexy off. Ali confesses that mashups are among her favorite things about Glee.

Choreography for this week will not be ultra-physical, so Zach warns them that they need to learn to come off as having a little bit of a secret. Shanna worries about how to make changes that will still be truthful to herself, because Zach tells her she is too perky and smiley to come off as sexy. Nellie is given a very sexy move that makes her uncomfortable, but she states that she wants to stay in this competition and be on Glee, so she has a lot of work to do.

Vocals with Nikki shows Charlie doing well, but at the same time flirting and winking at Aylin outside the window. Charlie says in confessional that he doesn't know what he and Aylin are, but it's fun. When he tells Aylin that Nikki has figured them out, she seems less than pleased because she's trying to keep her head in the game, as much as she does like him. With Michael and Mario singing in the recording studio, Nikki finally has to tell Michael to leave because he has lost so much focus that he's stumbling over the words and singing wrong lyrics. He confesses that he would be okay if his problem had been tonality, but knowing the words is basic, and he can't believe he's messing up.

At the video shoot, Lily Mae feels that Aylin is her biggest competition because they're expecting Aylin to be the sexy one, but she wants to make sure they notice her, too. It works, as Robert and Zach both think she's doing about the best she's done and is very committed. Nellie has gotten over her shyness about the over-the-top sexiness of her outfit, choreography, and lines, and is just having fun, even though what she's playing is nothing like her true personality. The mentors are surprised by how good Nellie and Abraham are, but are worried about Tyler getting lost in the video. When it comes time for Charlie's break out, it's a disaster because he tries to take over the directing. This is driving Erik crazy, and he has to stop Charlie.

Nellie is called back first and told she became the sexiest thing in the room, followed by Blake, Mario, Aylin, Abraham, Ali, and Lily. Tyler is told he is growing, but still disappears in the group. Nikki tells Michael he got caught up in his head, and warns that the business is 50% mental. Shanna is crying profusely, as they tell her that she needs to have shades of her peppiness. Charlie is cited for behaving unprofessionally in both the video shoot and the vocal booth, and he readily admits he tried to own roles that weren't his and he needs to learn where the boundaries are. Shanna is called back for the week. Charlie and Tyler are given I Get a Kick Out of You and Smile —songs with which neither one is familiar. Michael is asked to sing Lucky. All three go to work tirelessly, determined to prove themselves for the first, second or third time.

In a little vignette, the contenders are trying to figure out what the song "Milkshake" is about. Nellie says she always thought it was about actual milkshakes. When Aylin asks her why it would bring all of the boys to the yard, Nellie says "because everybody loves milkshakes!" She explains "I could teach you, but I'd have to charge" as meaning that I could teach you how to make a milkshake, but then I wouldn't be able to make a profit. Charlie makes up a song about "I could teach you the e-con-o-mics of opening a milkshake stand."

Charlie is first and does a version of I Get a Kick Out of You that Zach thinks is one of the most entertaining performances they've seen on the show. He works Ryan's name into the lyrics. Afterwards, they discuss his performance for the week and his unprofessional behavior, and Ryan says it's good that he directed the song to Ryan, because the other mentors are mad at him. When Charlie admits he is thinking about Aylin while singing even now, Ryan points out that if he's crazy for another contender he should do the opposite of what he's been doing because he'll be sent home for this behavior, as this is not high school, it's a job!

Next up, Tyler sings a sweet version of Smile and tells Ryan how difficult it is for him due to his transition and the newness of his sexual and romantic life. Though Ryan finds it hard to criticize Tyler when his personal choices are so brave, he sees that he keeps coming up against contenders that are more exuberant and comfortable.

Finally, Michael comes out to sing Lucky because he struggled so much in the recording studio and is too much "in his head." Part way through the song he forgets what comes next and fist pumps in the air before singing incorrect lyrics like "This is my favorite part of the song" and "Lucky my nerves didn't kick in at all." Ryan exclaims "What happened?." They discuss how similar this was to what happened to him in the recording studio, and Ryan explains that he thought when he saw Michael's name that he would not be going home, but so much of this competition is not choking.

The contender who is ultimately sent home is Tyler, who sings a soulful rendition of Keep Holding On. Abraham noticebly cries as Tyler does his solo.



  • Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake is the second mash-up, the first being Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby in the Tenacity episode of Season 1. Interestingly enough these were both the first episodes of their respective season in which the homework winner was also in the bottom 3.
  • This is the second time the song Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 is being mashed-up by the Glee creators. The first was in Glee itself in the episode Yes/No, where it was mashed up with Jumpin' Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones.
  • Mary Gillis appears in the music video as Mrs. Hagberg from Glee, making her the fourth Glee cast member to cameo in a music video after John Ross Bowie in "Individuality", Max Adler in "Tenacity" and Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins in "Individuality."
  • In Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake Lily Mae can be seen wearing the same dress from Torrid that Mercedes wore in Season 3 Episode 13 Heart to the Sugar Shack.
  • This is the first time for this season that the bottom three is one gender, and third for the series. Like the other episodes, they were all male with Charlie, Tyler, Michael; Pairability and Sexuality (Season 1)
  • This episode revealed a previously un-shown friendship between Abraham and Tyler. Their bond seems to be quite strong as Abraham broke down both upon hearing news of Tyler's departure from the competition and during his rendition of Keep Holding On. However, since Tyler left the competition, it's unlikely that we will see anymore development of this relationship within the show. It should be noted that the two are now living together.
  • This episode drew a 0.2 rating 18-49, receiving a total of .640 million viewers, continually increasing since the season premiere.

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Naya Rivera Guest Mentors on the Glee Project!

Naya Rivera Guest Mentors on the Glee Project


TGP204 Nellie Veitenheimer tries to figure out what the song Milkshake is all about

Nellie tries to figure out what the song Milkshake is all about