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All about Lindsay

Lindsay auditioned with the popular song "Hit Me, Baby, One More Time" by Brittany Spears. She was found by Glee's casting director Robert Ulrich, who saw her in a musical production; he asked her to audition for The Glee Project and she made it to the top twelve.

She was called back for the next week in all episodes up to Ep 5: Pairability (Individuality, Theatricality, Vulnerability, Dance-Ability), where her and Cameron duetted, performing "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Lindsay kissed Cameron who wasn't expecting it, and he ended up crying.

Her first Last Chance Performance

They were given the song "River Deep - Mountain High" by Ike and Tina Turner for their last chance performance. Lindsay did mess up the start a bit by singing "Every was a little girl" instead of "When I was a little girl," but she was still called back and Cameron was sent to the bottom three. Luckily he was called back, and the two got to stay another week.

Her second Last Chance Performance

Zach (Glee's choreographer) said, whilst shooting The Only Exception, Lindsay didn't have any 'twinkle' and she had to do a last chance performance. Her song was "Maybe This Time" from the musical Cabaret, which she'd never seen before. She rocked it, before Ryan discussed from her that he'd never seen the vunerable side of her. She broke down, and Ryan said "Now that's the girl I've never seen before" . Luckily, she was called back, making it into the final four.

Winning the Homework Assignment Lindsay won the homework assignment very late in the competition. In Ep 9: Generosity, the final four were given the homework song Lean On Me. The guest mentor was Kevin McHale, who plays Artie on Glee. After the performance, Kevin announced Lindsay the winner of the assignment. She got some one-on-one time with Kevin for the shoot as well as getting the "magic comb," the brush that Artie gave Brittany on the show.

Her third Last Chance Performance

After the performance of Lean On Me, the video was shot and the bottom three were revealed. Well, bottom four more like. All four had to do a last chance performance.

Lindsay belted out her song, "Defying Gravity". Luckily, all four were called back for the final.


On the final, the four were allowed to pick their own songs. Lindsay picked "Gimme Gimme." She, along with Alex, won two episode arcs on Glee, when Damian and Samuel won the competition and got seven episode arcs.

The truth in song

Lindsay is a smart girl with an outstanding voice. She loves to Sing and explodes like a Firework when she does. She was edited several times in the show and We're Not Gonna Take It! She's a Teenage Dream and loads of people agree, including Damian; people say the pair are caught in a Bad Romance. She's The Only Exception and lives in a Mad World because of her past issues. She's always Under Pressure because of them. But she lets her True Colors show to people she trusts. Gimme Gimme more of Lindsay on Glee, Ryan Murphy! I'll try Defying Gravity just to see her! Maybe This Time you'll answer our dreams. Hey, Soul Sister, do you like Lindsay too?

Lindsay lovers

Lindsay adores her fans and never lets go of them. Are you a Lindsay Lover? Sign if you are!


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