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Theatricality (Season 2)
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date July 17th, 2012
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Theatricality is the seventh episode of Season Two of The Glee Project and aired on July 17, 2012.

Guest Mentor: Grant Gustin
Homework Assignment Winner: Ali
Bottom 3: Nellie, Lily Mae, Abraham
Eliminated: Nellie


The episode begins with a discussion in the dorm room between Blake and Michael. Michael is concerned that they are too similar, vocally and on screen. Blake agrees, but at the same time thinks they are totally different people. Both Blake and Michael say that they have become very close friends, and it's hard to be close friends and competitors, but they are each determined to win.

When Robert comes into the group room to announce the theme of Theatricality, he asks them how it is without Charlie, and both Ali and Aylin say it's "quiet." While Aylin is going to miss Charlie, she says in confessional that she is even more determined to win. Robert gives them the homework assignment, I Hope I Get It from the musical A Chorus Line. Robert notes that this song is about people having basically the same experience they are having in a group audition. Ali feels this is a good week for her to shine, while Michael shows some concern because he doesn't know the song. Nellie is excited because she did theatre, but she knows she needs to be more confident. After choosing lines, Lily Mae directs the choreography. Lily feels pressure because she embodies theatricality. Aylin is irritated and visibly tired. She says it's because Charlie isn't there, and Lily yelling is the last thing she needs.

In the choir room, this week's mentor, Grant Gustin, is introduced. Robert explains that Grant was in the first international touring company of West Side Story when he was cast as Sebastian Smythe. After their performance of I Hope I Get It Grant tells Michael his voice is fantastic, but he needs to up his confidence level which slips away occasionally. Lily says that she doesn't think Michael wants this as badly as the rest of them, as he gets confidence notes frequently and doesn't seem to try and change anything. Next, Grant says that Nellie also needs confidence, and he notes that she shifts her eyes, indicating that she's unsure of what she's doing. For Ali, in contrast, his note is that she is fantastic and fabulous, and that her lines organically came out of her. Last, Lily gets a positive note about how humorous her performance was, and that her voice is spectacular. In the end, he chooses Ali as homework assignment winner, and he announces that this week's music video song will be When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls. He tells them they'll be grocery store clerks, fantasizing about becoming musical icons. Each one gets an icon assigned.

Aylin says that it took her a minute to figure out why they'd choose a Turkish Muslim for Madonna, but then she decided it was because Madonna is "super sexy." All of the contenders are very excited about the choices, except that Shanna can only think of the crazy outfits Gaga wears, including a meat dress, and Nellie feels there could have been a less bold choice for her and asks "Why do you do this to me? Every time?" In choreography, Lily is concerned that she doesn't know how Cyndi Lauper moves. Zach tells her it's not about being that character, but just a heightened version of some character. Zach teaches them a series of poses and tells them that they can't mess up and embarrass him again, like they did in Dance-ability

With Nikki, in vocals, Michael has taken Nikki's advice not to over practice, but he still struggles, and is embarrassed. Abraham is concerned for Michael. In his own session, Nikki wants to talk about David Bowie and androgyny. Abraham does not want to say he's androgynous because of the teasing he suffered growing up. He prefers to say that he is "free." This throws off his performance in the studio.

At the video shoot, Shanna is dressed in a heavy meat dress, made of actual meat. She's ready to be fierce. Abraham wants to embrace the androgyny of David Bowie's character. In the meantime, Blake reveals he has given a lot of thought to his portrayal of Boy George. He has a homosexual brother, so he knows it's not all about being sassy. Ali's in a shopping cart with glitter and a blue wig, so she says she's in heaven. She flashes back on her one-on-one session with Grant, where she asks him how to find the style of a pop song as she does with a musical theatre song. He says to be sure you're emoting and to keep the performance honest. Robert is very complimentary towards Michael, Blake and Ali's performances, and laughs when Aylin opens soda pop cans with her pointy bra. Robert and Zach are both concerned that Nellie won't get into the character and let loose. Lily tries to embody the fun-loving spirit of Cyndi Lauper, which she thinks is a lot like her, but Robert thinks it looks like she's not in any character other than just Lily having fun. Shanna's been shooting for five hours, and her dress stinks and is nauseating to her whenever she moves. The mentors are very impressed at how well she performs in these conditions, so that you don't know that the dress is heavy, malodorous and disgusting. The mentors think they will have a hard time choosing which ones should be in the bottom three because they all did so well.

Ali is called back first. Immediately after Ali leaves, Shanna, Blake and Aylin are also called back. Aylin feels that she's very close to being on Glee and is at a point where she feels like 'can we just go ahead and eliminate everyone else so I can get seven episodes, please?' MIchael is told that he lacked confidence in the homework assignment and had trouble in the studio. He acknowledges that this is a repeat note. The mentors talk to Nellie about how nervous she felt being in a Britney Spears costume, and Zach tells her it feels like they have been begging her to be in the competition and to be more. Abraham has had trouble with vocals. He explains that after the androgyny discussion it affected his vocal chords. The mentors are quick to name many rock stars who are androgynous. Lily is told that she didn't play a character at all. Nellie, Abraham and Lily will be doing last chance performances, and Michael is called back. Lily feels this is unfair because Michael has had this note previously and not changed, and because he didn't do well in the studio. Nellie feels that the selection of Melissa Ethridge's I'm the Only One for her last chance performance is cool. Abraham is given Stereo Hearts by Gym class Heroes and Adam Levine. When Lily gets Adele's Someone Like You she falls to the ground with happiness. Abraham seems jealous, especially because he will have to rap during Stereo Hearts, which he cannot.

First is Nellie. The mentors tell Ryan Nellie has confidence problems, even while being Britney Spears, and will humor them, but then seems miserable and says 'Why do you guys keep doing this to me?" After her performance of I'm the Only One Ryan says this is the most passionate he's seen her, and asks what she was thinking about when she sang the song. She replies "I don't know." I don't know is also her answer to who she would have picked to be in the music video assignment, if she had been picking. Ryan explains that it's difficult to write a character for someone who is indecisive and says she doesn't know. Nikki wonders if she really wants to be on Glee or would rather be a singer/songwriter. Nellie says she wants to be on Glee badly, but when she realized everyone else wants it as much as she does, it scared her because she's worried about getting her hopes up and getting chopped down.

Second Abraham performs Stereo Hearts. Before his performance, Ryan says he thought Abraham's Bowie was funny and androgynous and people would like Abraham's androgyny. Nikki notes that even bringing up the word upsets him, and Ryan replies that he thinks everything is a sexual threat with Abraham. After the performance, Ryan notes that Abraham is a good little performer, to which he responds by complimenting Ryan and his cute little hat. Ryan tells him to "drop the diva" and be real, and asks him why he had this reaction to the word "androgynous." Abraham explains all of the bullying he suffered, including people writing "Little, yellow faggot" about him. He feels that he dropped the fear after the studio and no longer cares how many people see him on screen and wonder if he's gay. Ryan responds that he needs to stop being afraid, if he comes back next week.

Ryan says he is "fascinated" by Lily's performance of Someone Like You because she acted a character, but wonders why she did not do that in the music video for the week. Lily complains about the conflicting direction she was given in choreography, and Ryan and Zach defend Zach, saying that she was told to be a character, not exactly Cyndi Lauper, but someone other than herself. Lily feels Cyndi Lauper is very like herself. Ryan thinks she's not like Cyndi Lauper and tells her she keeps coming out her with excuses and at a certain point it's not interesting. At this point, Lily breaks down and says that she argues because she wants this so much, and she feels she has to fight for everything. She notes that she is 240 lbs., but she can act her way out of a "f**king box," and if you give her a scene she will "f**ing do it," and do it well. Ryan tells her if she comes back she'll need to drop the "yes, but." Ryan notes that she has ambition, which he likes.

In their discussions, Ryan thinks Nellie is someone you root for, but she doesn't really want it enough. Robert thinks young people will really relate to Nellie. Abraham is incredibly bold and incredibly fearful. Lily is very exuberant and sucks all of the oxygen out of a room, according to Ryan. At this point, he says, the only people who should move forward are people he feels honestly have a chance to win. Lily has a feeling she will be going home.

On seeing the list, all three dissolve into tears, because it's Nellie who's going home. Nellie says she doesn't want to go home, but she's grateful for the experience, and she sings Keep Holding On.

In the human interest video, the contenders express adoration for how Zach teaches them the choreography. He says stuff like "boom boom boom bop boom" instead of "one two three and four."



  • Nellie commented on the music video uploaded on YouTube, stating that this week's shoot made her uncomfortable as she would simply never wear the Britney Spears outfit. However she did say if she was given a script, she would have nailed it.
  • This episode marks the second, and earliest time where all the remaining girls in the competition have won a homework assignment, being Episode 7.
  • Shanna vomited three times during the video shoot due to the odor of the meat dress. Source
  • This episode marks the third time where all Last Chance Performances songs were covered on Glee, the first time on Individuality Season 1 (Jessie's Girl, Just the Way You Are and Big Spender), the second time on Vulnerability (Mercy, Fix You, Somewhere Over the Rainbow) and the first time the songs are sung on the same season (Season 3)
  • Shanna is seen wearing the dress she wore in the promotional photos. Also Abraham is seen wearing his red pants.
  • Three weeks after this episode aired, on August 7, 2012, Marvin Hamlisch, the composer of "I Hope I Get It," among other songs, died at the age of 68 following a brief illness.
  • This is the first time that the HWA is from a musical.

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