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U Can't Touch This
U Can't touch this.jpg
By MC Hammer
Sung by McKynleigh Abraham, Matheus Fernandes, Marissa von Bleicken, Cameron Mitchell, Hannah McIalwain, Alex Newell, Lindsay Pearce, Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty Jr.
Type Music Video
Episode Dance-ability (Season 1)

U Can't Touch This was the Music Video featured in the fourth episode of season one of The Glee Project, Dance-ability (Season 1) as the fourth group number. It was originally sung by M.C. Hammer from his album Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em. It was sung by the nine remaining contenders.The contenders for this song were featured in groups of three then their own close-up and then all together.

Samuel was the homework assignment winner of this episode, so he had a bigger part in the group number than anybody else.


C-c-c-c-c-c-c can't touch this

Matheus (Autotuned) :
(My-my-my-my) music hits me so hard
Makes me say, "oh my lord thank you for blessing me"
With a mind to rhyme and two hype feet

It feels good
When you know you're down
A superdope homegirl from the Oaktown
And I'm known as such
And this is a beat-uh!
U can't touch

I told you homeboy
U can't touch this
Yo, let me bust the funky lyrics
U can't touch this

Fresh new kicks and pants
You got it like that now you know you wanna dance
So move out of your seat
And get a fly girl and catch this beat

What's rollin'? Hold on
Pump a little bit and let 'em know it's going on
Like that

Uh, Like that
Cold on a mission so fall on back
Let 'em know it's all too much
And this is a beat, uh
You can't touch

Yo! I told you
Can't touch this

Why you standing there, babe?
Can't touch this

Matheus (auto-tuned):

Hannah (auto-tuned):
Hammer time!

Every time they see me
The Hammer's just so hyped
I'm dope on the floor
And I'm magic on the mic

Now why would I ever
Stop doing this?
With others making records
That just don't hit

I've toured around the world
From London to the Bay
It's Hammer, go Hammer, M.C.Hammer, Yo Hammer
And the rest can go and play
Can't touch this-s-s-s-s

Hannah with The Glee Project Contenders:
Can't touch this!

Cameron with The Glee Project Contenders:
Can't touch this!

Lindsay with The Glee Project Contenders:
Can't touch this!

Can't touch this!

Marissa with The Glee Project Contenders:
Can't touch this!

I told you, U can't touch this

Matheus with The Glee Project Contenders:
Can't touch this!

Yo yo yo

Samuel with The Glee Project Contenders:
Can't touch this!


  • This song is sung on the episode 17 of season 1 on Glee.
  • At one point, Marissa was filmed booty popping but this was not used in the video.
  • Samuel had a beat boxing part in this MV.
  • There is a parody of this on YouTube.
  • This is the first time the contenders rap on the show.




The Glee Project - U Can't Touch This


MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This