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Hi, I'm a big fan of Glee and The Glee Project! 8D

I am Team Nobody for the rest of season 2.

Because it's the best team ever. 83

Nahh, here's what Team I'm on.

TeamMichannellie copy.png

Note: Don't even think about stealing this. I made everything in the background. (The pictures of the contenders don't belong to me, obviously.) But please, don't take this.

Wanna see the graphics I made for the Songs of Season Two (so far)? Go here

My rankings for this season.[]

(In order of which I think they'll be eliminated. I'll ignore those spoiler pictures, because they might have been taken during the filming of the first episode.)

1. Maxfield - Correct. Eliminated episode #1.

2. Taryn and Dani - Both her and Dani went home.

3. .. I honestly don't know... lol. No one went home

4. Tyler - Yep, he went home 8c

5. Mario - Yep

6. Charlie yep

7. Nellie

8. Ali

9. Blake

10. Aylin

11. Abraham

Runner Up #1 Lily Mae

Runner Up #2 Michael

Winner: Shanna

Favorite Songs[]

1. Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby - Season 1 - Tenacity

2. Firework - Season 1 - Individuality

3. Fix You - Season 2 - Charlie Lubeck

4. Maybe This Time - Season 1 - Lindsay Pierce

5. Everybody Hurts - Season 2 - Vulnerability

Despite my rankings, I gotta say this...

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